Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Deadly Creatures....

The most common snake around here is the Eastern Brown. Isn't it just HORRIBLE!!!You see..... Snakes are the hot topic of conversation around our house at the moment. On Friday evening, around 5pm, I had my very own 1 metre long Eastern Brown snake in my living room.... OMG I can hear you say..... Well the worst of the story is yet to come..... My little princess was playing right where it crawled out of not 20 seconds before I saw it..... Can you believe it????? She could of been bitten, then what??? My hairs stand on end just remembering it all.... It took DH and I just over an hour to catch it.

I think that my biggest weakness when it comes to snakes is the fact that I know nothing about them. So first thing Monday morning I went and talked with the Rangers at The National Parks office. They where really helpful and gave me loads of info on Snakes in my area. They also told me about these little kits you can make. I'll put 1 at the front door, 1 at the back door, and 1 on every vehicle just to be safe.... I'd love any advice that anybody has in regards to these 'deadly' creatures. Have you ever had a snake in your house???? If so what did you do???

On the craft front.... A friends daughter turned 1 over the weekend so I whipped her up a pencil roll....
Can you see my new labels???? I got them from here... They're really cheap, about 20 cents each, the only problem is that you don't get many colour combinations. So if you're really set on a certain colour, like purple, then you're out of luck... I think black and white looks just fine though, do you????I also made her up a set of these clips....I used the same basic 'sleeping bag' technique that Amy Karol used but instead of sewing the felt to the clip like she suggests I used my you bute hot glue gun and I think that work a treat!!

After reading about these YUMMY Calzones on Randi's blog I couldn't help but make some for dinner last night.....They don't exactly look like Randi's but mam-o-man they were absolutely divine!!!! I stuffed them with meatballs and grated cheddar cheese, served them with a creamy tomato sauce and had a green salad on the side that I made with fresh veges from my garden.... YUMMO!!!!


  1. Oh Jodie - you poor thing - I with you on the snake front. We have one of those little kits in both cars - have never thought about putting one in the house - but then we have a bandage in the first aid kit so I guess that is better then nothing!

    Love the new little labels - I will have to look into them - would love to have them on some of my little things

  2. oh my...yikes...I think I'm pretty happy living in Melbourne in a first floor apartment..the only thing we get is moths and they freak me out already. I hope your kits work and you'll never have a snake in your house again.

    ps. love the new labels

  3. I used to live on a farm on the South East coast of NSW. So we got a lot of snakes there. The best advice is knowledge, and it seems you're equpping yourself with that, and when your little one is old enough educate her about snakes. My eldest dd had a snake crawl across her feet when she was collecting eggs. The only reason she wasn't bitten was because she had it drummed into her what to do if she ever came across a snake.

  4. oh (insert swear words here) that would totally freak me out.
    Great labels though.

  5. OMG.... I am going to make those kits ASAP.....
    luv the pencil roll and the clips.... all that purple what a lucky girl....
    luv Ab

  6. I have chills thinking about the snake so close to your babe! Scary stuff!

    I am terrified of snakes and I don't know what I would do if I found one in my house. Well, I would leave the house, for sure.

    I am glad you liked the calzones!

  7. Your photo gave me a big fright when I opened your page. My sister had a snake in her house once, so they left the door OPEN and sprinkled flour across the doorway and had to sleep the night with the snake lurking. Evidently if there were marks in the flour the next morning, the snake had gone out, but I wanted to know what if another snake had come in. Very scary stuff. Oh, I love the tags, I want some!!

  8. Oh My God! I would be in therapy if there was a snake in my house. Nasty! Hope you don't have anymore incidents. I am goign to have to try some of the hair clips too. My daughter has a very bad Beatles shag hair look at the moment which only looks better with some clips or hair bands. Very cute!

  9. OMG...I just hate snakes. How'd it even get into the house??

  10. jodie thank god she is alright!i have goosebumps just thinking about it.maybe a pet mongoose or feret would be handy!!love your little labels, it's a good company they sent me about 20 extra when i ordered, thank you very much!!

  11. My Mum and dad often have snakes moving through their home,once a couple of browns were mating in front of the TV,wonder if they got to finish watching the show!
    My boys dream of catching a tiger,bit worried they might be a bit slow....

  12. OMG Jodie the hairs went up on my neck just reading about it!! I am a bit freaked out so glad it all had a happy ending!!
    I love the pencil roll and the tote you made too just gorgeous.
    Please forgive my vagueness but I can't remember when you said the Humpty fabric would be arriving?? I can't remember a thing at the moment and I just starting thinking about it last night and I know you told me something about it!

  13. ok this is weird but part of the reason i don't want to move to the country is snakes - yuk! mind you it really wouldn't stop me - it's good to be prepared though.

    by the way, you've been tagged. check out my blog and see if you want to participate!


  14. Oh ..... that makes me sad! I know you don't want to endanger your kids but I think the snake is really beautiful!

    I don't understand people hating them so much .... can you put aside your fear and try to see them (even in some small way) as really fascinating and graceful animals?

  15. i no how you feel i hate snakes been there before as u would remember wen jordan was 3 months old and was asleep on the loung room floor and a brown snake went under the front door and scared the F*$@ out of me wen i opend it worst of all rob thought i was seeing things wen he could not find it yuk yuk yuk

    funny after you told me about it we came home and there was a funny shape under the rug at the front door rob shit him self only to find a bit of foam under it we had snakes on the brain

  16. Thanks for the link to the labels supplier - I had been looking for something like that but hadn't managed to find anything. They do look good!


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