Spring Seed Swap?

I had big plans of sharing a late Winter garden update with you all this post, full of beautiful pictures of Wintry produce such as peas(as pictured above), garlic, onions, kale, lettuce, beets, winter herbs, brassica, spinach, and oh so much more.... But, unfortunately, while away with my farmer on a recent week long trip to the city for specialist appointments my entire vegetable garden was wiped out by local wildlife, namely kangaroos! The only plant that is left (from some hundred odd) is a wee rosemary bush - note to self; grow rosemary hedge around garden, asap!

So, after a week of grieving (and tidying up) I've decided to look to the future and start with the planning of my Spring/Summer plantings. Every year I wish that I had started my tomatoes earlier, so this year I am, tomorrow, in a makeshift hothouse like this one.

Do you have a favourite tomato variety that you like to grow? Mine is the Mortgage Lifter, hands down! I have been saving these seeds for as long as I can remember, and it has me wondering - would you be interested in a little Spring Seed Swap? If you are, simply leave a comment letting me know what Spring seeds you have available to swap and we'll make it happen.

Happy Gardening x


  1. Hi Jodie,
    so sorry to hear about loosing everything to the roos!!!! I know the feeling.
    I really like the black russian and yellow tiny toms since there is no dusting needed. Since my garden is only very small I buy the seedlings and do not bother with sowing many of the things I grow. Hope someone else can help!
    All the best
    Therese (the potter)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Therese! I love the black Russian tomatoes too, they have such a great flavour. xx

  2. I do not have many seeds. In August I planted some zinnias that are summer but I thought that since the weather is crazy I could buy time and plant them in August. They sprouted but it seems that some insect ate them. There is a saying that says not by early morning dawn earlier ... Mine are the cactus. Luck in the swap.


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