I crack myself up... LOL!!!!

Sorry about my last post everybody!!! I totally thought that I posted a really long post about lost of crafty goodness with photos to boot and then when I checked my emails after the weekend I just couldn't stop laughing.....

Thank you for all of your concerns about my empty post and NO I'm definitely not leaving blog land I'm just really busy at the moment and am finding it hard to post more than once a week, don't panic things will get better soon, promise....

The little Take Care signature that you saw in my last very brief post was a lovely pressy from the gorgeous Donna over at Chookyblue... Now let me tell you now, this lady sure is one clever little chooky... I'm sure if you pop over and drop her a comment she'd be more then welcome to show you how to get one of your very own...

O.K. Now I'm off to put together that post that mysteriously disappeared.... LOL!!!

Take care... :)


  1. I was wondering what happened. Thank goodness its just a post that disappeared....not you. :-)

  2. You cracked us up too. Glad to see you are still alive and staying in blogland. Catch up with your posts soon.

  3. Haha, I was wondering what was going on. I was just thinking it was a very brief & to-the-point post. Glad you're not leaving blogworld! Take care :o)!!

  4. good to hear all is okay!
    you take care too!

  5. I can see why people thought you were saying goodbye! Glad you are sticking around and I hope you are having fun!

  6. How funny! Pleased you are back with us! I am looking forward to seeing what you have been working on.

  7. One post a week is completely acceptable Jodie. Your post cracked me up too!

  8. Glad you can laugh at yourself. You make me feel more normal!! I'm yet to decipher the tecno jargon to get that little message. I'll try.


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