Friday, January 23, 2009


Now you can't really get any fresher than this.....
or this....
or this......One of the things I love most about owning a farm is all of this wonderful fresh produce that I have ready and waiting for me at my back door, literally....
When the deep freeze is starting to run low we don't go down to the supermarket to re-stock we simply head out to the paddock and pick out what we want.... This month it's lamb and hopefully next month pig-pig will be ready and we'll have pork, YUMMO!!!!!

People often ask me 'how can you live so far away from everybody out in 'the sticks' (the middle of nowhere)'.... To me that's a pretty easy question to answer, I just do and I love every minute of it!!
Do you love where you live at the moment or would you love to be living somewhere else????
No crafting what so ever going on here at the moment. I'm just taking it easy, settling in with the new bub...
She's an absolute angel and Miss Connie just loves being her 'big sister'....
I can't believe just how big Connie now seems compared to Millie. It's as though yesterday she was my little baby and now she's a big girly.... Where oh where has the last 2 years gone????
Take Care.... :)


  1. Home grown is the best; you know exactly where its been, and what, if anything, has been used on it. And it tastes so much better than the stuff from the supermarket.

    Great to see that Connie has settled into her role as big sister :-)

  2. Congratulations on the safe arrival of Miss Millie.She sure is a little cutie.

  3. When we were kids dad grew every kind of vegetable you could grow. They were always fresh and tasted so wonderful compared to the fruit and vegies at the supermarkets these days. We had silverbeet from the garden last year and this year we have had some little tomatoes which taste so nice too. I am sure you are lucky to be living off the land. Your baby girl looks so gorgeous with all that super dark hair. Isnt it funny how much older our little ones look once there is a smaller sibling to compare them too.

  4. Lucky you - so glad you enjoy where you live. I live in a leafy suburb of Melbourne and I wouldn't change where I live either. We have fantastic neighbours in a very beautiful part of town. I can't say I have the fresh vegetables that you do, but I get eggs from the girl down the road.

    So glad your new little one is doing so well - they are both gorgeous.

  5. You are right Jelly, you can't beat fresh produce!
    Love the picture of Millie. It's wonderful to read that Connie is doing well as a big sister. My eldest loathed my youngest when he was born!!! I hope you are doing well too!

  6. She looks gorgeous! :)

    And I agree you can't beat fresh produce... We're working on the garden and have fresh eggs from our three chooks! Delish!

  7. Your new little one is just adorable, and her big sister looks like she is having fun! ;)

  8. When I had to buy eggs from the shop the kids thought there was something wrong with them as they were so pale . We are very spoilt in the country aren't we ? Congrats to all your family on that beautiful baby .
    Clares Craftroom

  9. Lovely produce you are's Very Satisfying isn't look at Millie's Hair it is Gorgeous...she is so dark & filling out are lucky that no:2 bub is so good, normally they are more active..she is Beautiful..Hope you are well too.

  10. Bubby looks beautiful. I know what you mean about them growing so fast. It seems only yesterday I was bringing Jaden home from the hospital and he starts Prep next week. Boohooo. My baby is going to school so soon. It just means we have to enjoy every minute they are with us. D. :=)

  11. Millie is adorable! She looks so different from Connie - my boys look nothing a like and act differently too ;-)

    I am such a city slicker compared to the outback but I love nothing more than veggies fresh of the vine ~ how fortunate you are indeed!

  12. yep got a freezer full of lamb and beef at the moment......Millie is growing........that hair reminds me of my llittle sister when she was born.......take care and chat soon........

  13. love that pic of Miss Millie...........sigh.she is gorgeous!

  14. That's funny...I just had this discussion yesterday.. I was at a lady's home and she had a big vision board sat up, ie Oprah and the Secret, filled with things she wanted and stuff and places and situations. I commented and she said, "Oh, do you haveone as well?" I felt almost bad admitting that there was honestly nothing more in life I wanted...seeing as how you can't put more hours in a day on a vision board!
    You have to appreciate the life you have..especially farming! Millie looks great and i lve the egg collecting pic!
    Pleased you won the prize! Tracey

  15. Love the fresh produce - we are eating tomatoes from our garden at the moment too. Hope that everything is going well.

    I am with you - I would love to live in the sticks - unfortunatly we live where the army tells us at the moment. If I could live anywhere it would have to be closer to my parents.

  16. Hi Jodie, everyone sounds so happy and content at your house. I can see the resemblence between Connie & Millie, just gorgeous. Relax and Enjoy this time with your girls. Before too long they are getting their license and starting Year 9. (That's my kids at the moment)

  17. Congratulations on the arrival of Miss Millie (Good name for a quilt, Miss Millie's Quilt!). LOVE to live where you do, well, except maybe for that small plane thing! LOL. My vege patch is looking pretty good too and the herbs have gone crazy! Best wishes, Leanne Beasley.

  18. Wow, that is cool that you guys are self-sufficient.

  19. How lovely to see your littley collecting the eggs. Such a sweet image.
    Look at those lovely tomatoes. I bet they taste fantastic.

  20. Little Millie is growing and seems very content.....and Connie is growing up so fast too.
    You wait until Connie is 30....I look at my son now and wonder where all the years is about to make me a grandmother now! Only 16 sleeps til the due date!


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