Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Show Time - Part 2

The Show was a huge success!!! Miss Connie entered into some of the under 5 cooking categories and even got a couple of 2nd's. 1 for her decorated patty cakes and 1 for her choc crackles... I think this mummy was smiling bigger then her bubby when she saw this... LOL!!!
The pavilion looked awesome and our small country town did an amazing job filling it with all their handmade and grown treasures...
My crochet smock got a 2nd which is fantastic and I also got a few other prizes for some sewing that I'll share with everyone later....
Now it wouldn't be a show without a few rides so with the help of Poppy Miss Connie had loads of fun on almost everything she was able to...
And I even got a chance to take her on this humongous trampoline which was loads of fun...

Finally a big congratulations goes out to my sister... She entered some of her knitting into the show this year for the first time.... She got 2 first places and 2 second places, well done Ab your knitting ROCKS!!!

Take Care :)


  1. how wonderful!!I am thrilled you got a 2nd place for your crocheting. and your little one won some things too.
    HOW EXCITING for you all!!

  2. Wow, your little country town show looks fantastic. And well done to you and Miss Connie on your prizes.

  3. Congratulations to you, Connie and yoru sisters on all your prizes - what a talented family you have :)

  4. *blush* thanx for the support JoJo... ;)

  5. don't you just love a country show.....wonderful.........

  6. Congratulations......
    Prizes for all. We have our local show this weekend. Rides rides and more rides $$$$

  7. What a family Affair...Congrats to All the Winners....Looks like a Great Show...


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