Monday, April 12, 2010

Spinning Adventure.....

After seeing this pattern over at 'Spud and Chloe' a little while back I knew I just had to make 2 of them for my girls for Easter..... Susan B Anderson is a pattern writing genius!!!! This little reversible Duck/Rabbit was super simple and is so darn cute that I want one of my own!!!!
I love how the little bunny's eyes poke out of the under side of the duck, too sweet.....
And here's what the rabbit looks like when the duck is turned inside out.... All up this was a 2 hour project, gotta love that!!!!!!!

We've had a lot of rain here lately which has meant the mail-man has been flooded out for over 2 weeks... *sigh*..... With the roads just starting to dry up he surprised us last night with an unscheduled mail drop, you can only imagine my excitement!!!!!

In amongst the packages there was one from Catherine... You see, Catherine is a spinning queen and has been giving me a bit of advice lately as to how to get over my 'fear of spinning'....

In the package were pages and pages of notes on how to get started... I stayed up all night until each and every page of the notes were read and then this morning I jumped out of bed 2 hrs early to begin my new spinning adventure!!!!!

Oh My.... I'M HOOKED!!!!! After 2 hours at the wheel I made 1 x 80g ball of ply-ed goodness....
And yes, I know it's not perfect by it sure is beautiful to me!!!!
I now have plans of raiding the shearing shed some time this morning for a stray fleece to clean and spin..... Wish me luck!!!!!

Hugs......... Jodie xx


  1. Jodie I use to spin wool when I was pregnant was good for the cramping in my legs... I loved it.. hated the cleaning part hahaha

  2. Oh, my goodness! Those are adorable! I wish I would have seen that chick/rabbit for my kid's easter baskets! Might just have to make it anyway!

  3. That yarn looks delicious....if I can use that word for yarn. ;) I love the chick/rabbit too!

  4. Well done on over coming the spinning wheel.

    Love the rabbit/duck - I made one for Amelia for Easter too - it is so cute and she has put an order in for me to do wone for her Kinder for there puppet box!

  5. Those are so cute and spinning your own wool now- it looks fabulous! Is there anything you can't do? I think not! xo m.

  6. Hooray you finally returned. I had trouble with your blog this morning as it kept bringing up the madeit website for some reason. I love your little duck with the bunny, so cute! I love your first handspun wool, if you keep spinning you might even be able to sell some!

  7. That is wonderful for a first attempt at the wheel. Well done :)

  8. Well done on the spinning. Your ball of yarn looks way better than my first one...vbg. Love the duck/rabbit. So cute. You have been busy. Send some rain our way - we need it.

  9. i've never tried spinning - i'm a bit scared of it too!
    i love your wool though - i love the two colours.
    i also absolutely love your rabbit/chick - super cute ;-)

  10. Jodie

    the reversible chooky/bunny toy is just too cute!!! I love the colours of your spun wool (where do you find / make time???)

    Thank you so much for the wash cloth you sent me, I got it today, I love it.. I must pick up my needles again.. :O))

  11. I LOVE your new header!!! After the first peek at that picture, I'm so glad you decided to put a version of it up on your blog -- it's fantastic!

    Your spinning sure looks good to me. And how cute is that little duck rabbit???

  12. That is a very cute duck/bunny. I've never seen anything like that, how adorable.

  13. Such a great idea for Easter. So cute. Love your new creation too. Look forward to seeing more.

  14. Good on you Jodi. My mum
    was a mad spinner - I still gave my childhood beanies made from my sheeps fleece that my Dad shore and mum then spun, dyed and knitted.

  15. I am in such an envious lust over your new found spinning time...not to mention how much you must know that I love that colour combo.... great post.

  16. WoW! That is so cool! Good for you!
    I can imagine that they makes you feel pretty good! Hmmm are you going to start weaving too? The hen/rabbit are soo cute too! I've finally caught up on some blog reading! Oh, and I haven't forgotten that you need the pattern for the bonnet! LoL... just read my blog! It will tell you what I've been up too lately!


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