Sunday, April 1, 2012

time and time again.....

There's something about the Queen Anne Scarf that keeps drawing me back in, time and time again... For this blue version, that I made as a gift for Connie's dance teacher, I used Malabrigo Rios. I love the way that this gorgeous family owned company kettle dyes their yarn - the variegation's are simply divine...
rios 1
Some more crochet : : I've had the picture of the little stars below stuck on my SLR camera since early December of last year.... A bunch of these little treasures were packed inside a very plump envelope and posted out to my loved ones with their Xmas cards last year... The pattern was by the very talented Lucy of Attic 24 - and what a bonus it's a freebie!!! I used Debbie Bliss DK Cotton for my stars - the shades in this range are deliciously vibrant, perfect for making a statement on your Xmas tree or for something even better - hang them on a door knob all year 'round!!!
star 1
I'm spending more and more time out in the garden these days - with Autumn settled in and the temperatures slowly declining I'm enjoying re-potting some succulent and Aloe Vera pups....
garden 1
I have this stuff EVERYWHERE!!!! I love how it doesn't need much water to keep it alive, you can neglect it for months and it will fend for itself and every time you turn around it produces lovely little pup's ready for the transplanting - now that's my kind of gardening!!!
garden 2
Here's hoping you've had a glorious Autumn weekend where you are...


  1. That scarf looks perfect wrapped up in the ribbon Jodie, you are clever! Your gardens looks lovely...and the stars...they were one of my favourite things last Christmas.

  2. The scarf looks so pretty wrapped up like that. I love your daughter modelling the stars, she looks so much like you!

  3. The Queen Anne Scarf was a lovely gift, wrapped in a pretty blue favorite color by the way, hummm. I saw Lucy's stars back when she made them, very generous of her to share the patterns and yours turned out lovely too. I agree, your daughter is the spitting image of you, what a cutie pie!
    Have a great week.
    Susanne :)

  4. Love those stars Jodie, I think I will add them to my "to-make" list...and the scarf looks divine.

  5. Love your star decos, great colour combos. Now your sink garden is the best, natural drainage too. I'm going to my tip shop to find me a sink. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love it all! I haven't tried Malabrigo but that Queene Anne scarf is on my list of projects to do and now I know what yarn I'm going to use too!
    It's funny because we are on opposite seasons. It's hot today and Springtime and I was out planting today and you're winding down your season. But you motivate me to get going for Christmas with those stars! I love Lucy at Attic24 and love your stars with the beads and that cute little angel holding them!

  7. So cute! The scarf is beautiful.


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