Thursday, November 8, 2012

Garden Update....

The past 2 days has seen a much needed 32mm of rain fall over our farm so it was nice to step outside this afternoon to snap a few shots of a freshly showered garden - clean of all the red dust which is usually present....

I'm excited to have apple trees blossoming,
garden 1
hundreds (and I'm not exaggerating!!!) of passion fruit ready-ing themselves for harvest in the coming month,
garden 2
many a tomato starting to swell (mmmmm tomato relish),
garden 3
pomegranates setting fruit,
garden 4
'mini muncher' cucumbers just starting to appear,
garden 5
heirloom zucchini's growing by the minute,
garden 6
sweet radishes plump for the picking,
garden 7
and rows of french corn finally starting to fill in (even if it is only just a little)....
garden 8
What's happening in your garden at the moment???


  1. Truly jealous of your passion fruit vine. Wish we could grow one but too many frosts here.
    However zucchinis and lettuces are looking good!

  2. wow you're garden is very happy at the moment!! it all looks so I LOVE passionfruit...xo Suze.

  3. nice drop of rain.......wished we got that much........11mls......need more.........lots more..........

  4. Your garden is looking lovely and so tempting!

  5. I hadn't seen a pomegranate flower before,
    Stunning photos of your very productive garden.

  6. Your garden looks amazing. I'd LOVE to have a passionfruit vine - I wonder how it would fare on my balcony?

  7. Your garden looks so productive Jodie! Love that passionfruit! I agree the rain is like magic...we also had 30mm in the last few days. Your pink tomatoes are still going strong too :)

  8. Very healthy garden, mine is just full of weeds. Wish I had more help with it

  9. Hey Jode!
    Been thinking of you! Have you had the baby yet???
    Ellie xx

  10. Your garden is growing beautifully and your photography is stunning!! Thanks so much for sharing, it's cold and brown here in the midsection of the U.S.!


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