Sunday, March 17, 2013

Special Friend....

When a special friends b'day rolled around this week I must admit I was a little stumped with what to make her... You see, this special friend is pretty amazing, a real inspiration - especially on the crafting front... It's nothing for her to whip up a dress that looks like its come straight out of a catalogue and she's often making (and wearing) gorgeous pieces of clothing that shes simply 'made-up', without even needing a pattern... Shes also an amazing cook, crochets and knits, dabbles in gardening and so, so much more....
So I got to thinking, its been ages since I sat at my trusty old sewing machine, I guess with a newborn in the house some things just seem to get forgotten about.... I did start on a knitted project for my friend but for some reason that just didn't feel right so I grabbed some gorgeous hand printed fabrics from my stash and got to making some 'rustic' looking coasters for my very special friend... 
caz 1
I can picture these fitting in just perfectly at her home - steaming hot cups of tea resting on them...
caz 3
Happy B'Day Caz-y, you truly are an inspiration... xx
The idea that I used for the coasters was from the book 'Last Minute Patchwork Gifts' and the fabrics were by 'Prints Charming' and 'Yardage Designs' - 2 amazing Australian designers....


  1. Your friend sounds incredibly talented, no wonder you weren't sure what to make but you've done a great job, and taking of steaming cups of tea, I really want one now :-)

  2. These are gorgeous Jode, as is everything that you make! Your friend is very lucky to get these as a gift!!

  3. HI Jodie...tested out the coasters this arvo...they work a treat!! they look so cute!! a lovely day yesterday, bet the girls were in bed early last night :)

  4. Divine coasters. Lucky friend!

  5. Beautiful fabric Jodie and such a great idea too

  6. The coasters look great. The stitching and fabrics you used are fantastic!

    PS: I'm currently hosting a new Fitskin giveaway, open to Australian residents only and I hope you will enter!

  7. These are just beautiful!Love the fabrics.


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