Saturday, March 1, 2014


There has been a 'stickiness' in the air this past week, teasing us really...... We so desperately need rain and on Thursday afternoon as we sat on the front porch, under a grey cloud, I couldn't help but prey for just a little rain.... My smallest girl stitched.....

Working on some 'hand crafts' with my Millie this eerie Thursday afternoon.... 
And while she did, I rolled lace, hand dyed lace, onto little pegs to place on a little shelf that my biggest girl Connie made me....
Playing around with dye and lace this morning - so much FUN!!!!!!
50 metres of white lace is now a gorgeous violet colour - what will I dye next?
 My biggest girl who is 7 is obsessed with all things timber at the moment and had been sawing and hammering and making me all kinds of things but my most favourite by far would be 2 little shelves (like the ones pictured below) - I can't wait to see what she makes next!
My biggest girl Connie(7) has been playing with wood and making me things! ~ this is shelf #2, isn't it just perfect?
And then just like that, last night, it finally rained for us here on 'Darling Downs'.... And now for a couple of months, at least, we will no longer have to cart water to wash our clothes or clean our family and our pastures just might start to turn the slightest shade of green after God only knows how long of being a deep shade of red....

 So, this morning when I woke to puddles in the paddocks I sat, for a very long while, with my little-ones by my side and I hooked and it felt sooooo good!
Crochet, oh how I love you on cold and wet days!! #crochet
And then I unpacked a huge box of 'happy-mail' that was delivered to the farm yesterday afternoon and updated my Website because after a very long wait it is finally back on-line!!!!! YAY!!!!
I so love me some 'happy mail' - don't you!?


  1. So pleased you got some much did you get.....thank God your not carting water anymore.....

    1. Thanks Donna - we've had a very welcomed 70mm!!!!!! Couldn't be happier... xx

  2. Christine RobertsMarch 1, 2014 at 7:41 PM

    Glad to hear some rain has blessed you finally. We are still waiting - nothing since November - the driest I have seen it here in 12 years. Surely we must get rain soon. Your girl Connie is amazing - so mature and capable for such a young age. She must be an old soul - daughters are such treasures!

  3. The sound of rain on the tin roof is magical. It's been raining here on and off for over a week and I've been hoping that it's also been falling for those who need it most. x

  4. I am so pleased you have finally had some rain Jodie, it just makes everything feel better doesn't it? All of your projects are creative and beautiful as usual. Happy Sunday x

  5. So pleased to hear of your rain Jodie! I bet you are already enjoying a greener view out your windows. I love the shelf your little carpenter has made. Kate x

  6. Im so happy you guys got some rain too Jodie, I hope there is more yet! x

  7. Oh, Great! Rain! Somehow I have missed your blog posts lately. Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  8. I am really glad for you and all your plants to finally get some vitally important water! A nice post! I wish you a lot of inspiration for your future crafting.


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