Friday, January 29, 2016

Little Things....

As the school holidays wind up and a new schooling year begins I'm taking a moment to enjoy the little things, and filling my days with simple pleasures like these....
Kniting - a new little top, that's just for my girl... (pattern from here)
blog 1
Sisters - bickering, as they do! 
Rockmelons - growing on my vine, finally!
blog 3
Zucchini's - I restrained myself and only planted 2 bushes this year. They've been thriving in a neglected part of my garden where not much else grows during the hot Summer months. 
blog 4
And.... Yabbies - my most favourite crayfish of all to eat!
blog 5
Are you taking the time to enjoy the little things in your day too? xx


  1. Your place actually looks a lot like our place Jodie...minus the clever knitting! Rock-melons, zucchinis and yabbies happening here too. We have a slightly cooler day here today so I am taking advantage of it and cooking a lamb roast for dinner. Have a lovely weekend x

    1. Enjoy your cool change, I'm dreaming of a one here too Jane, hopefully tomorrow... xx

  2. Yabbies are my favourite too Jodie! Enjoy your last few days of freedom x

  3. that knitted top looks gorgeous! And you're right - you have to see the little things in life that make you happy everyday! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

    1. Thanks You Emm, a wonderful weekend to you too... xx

  4. What a sweet little top you made. I love the color. It looks like it is perfect for hot weather. I am in the midst of Winter where I live. It snowed last night. I enjoyed looking at all the sunshine in your photos. It is very grey here and cold. But I will enjoy the little simple things of my day, like a nice hot cup of tea.

  5. Such a lovely advice! We should always enjoy the little thing :) Beautiful pics

  6. Oh the rockmelons are delicious at the moment. We have always eaten them since we were kids. I might have to grow some vegetables soon as I am missing the gardening. I guess renting makes it a little bit harder to do so at the moment. Your daughter's top turned out lovely too.

  7. We were just talking about zucchinis yesterday. Its not something I have ever planted before and I dont know when to do it. Research :-)

  8. What a surprise, Jodie, when did you come back here to blog again? Have I been gone these past few months and not realized? I glanced over this post and see how much your girls are growing. I need to go back and read to catch up. I have missed you and your farm life. I bet your little guy is growing too. I definitely have some reading to do. Hope all is well.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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