Sunday, July 22, 2018

simple gifts

I'm such a sucker for a simple, handmade, heartfelt gift. I'm not too sure exactly why that is, maybe it's the time and effort that goes in to each and every aspect of them. Like with this super sweet bag with little cross stitch embellishment - made by my biggest girl (almost 12) as a gift for her Mumma before her latest trip away (see my last post for the details)

You see, the fabric is one from my stash that I've been hording for quite some time (waiting for the perfect project), the cross stitch is her first ever attempt at that craft, the simple timber beads and natural leather strap were carefully chosen for their 'earthy rawness' and to tone the whole project down, the size and shape of the bag were designed to fit perfectly into my favourite handbag (and to house just the right amount of yarn for a decent sized project), and the whole thing was made with the most important ingredient - love!   
So, are you like me?
Do you value simple, heartfelt things in your life?
Do you take the time to make gifts like these for those who you hold near and dear too?
If you're not a craft-y type to you give heartfelt gifts of another kind? 


  1. I love handmade gifts; simple things that are beautiful, thoughtful, practical and that have that special quality which differentiates them from things mass produced. I love to give these types of gifts as well as to receive them. Your bag is lovely! Meg:)

    1. That's is simply wonderful to read Meg! I too am not a fan of mass produced things. xx

  2. I love simple handmade gifts too, they always feel extra special because of the thought and time that has usually gone into them, or the random chance when they are found and I know that I've been in the thoughts of the giver. I don't very often give handmade though and only to certain people because I feel as though many in my extended family see them as cheap or kitsch. Maybe I am just afraid that what I make isn't good enough?
    cheers Kate

    1. Oh Kate, thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment. Unfortunately many people do think that you are 'opting out' so to speak when making a gift for them and feel that handmade is somewhat cheaper - if only they really knew. I still make for these 'doubting' people, maybe in the hopes that one day they'll realise that they were wrong all along. xx


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