Monday, August 13, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I'm home at last, thank goodness. I must admit, I do love to get away for a little break every now and then but there really is no place like home. I just love my everyday routine and the way that my bed feels at night when my head hits the pillow. Everything is just perfect in my little home and I guess that trips away really make me realise that.

I'm so sorry about not being able to post on my blog while I was away like I promised. My laptop battery decided that it no longer wanted to work and that was that... So unfortunately last week there was no Flashback Friday pic, sorry.

While I was away I got a chance to do a LOT of shopping. I bought heaps of things for my little princess for her 1st birthday on the 3rd of September and I even got a chance to pop into a Spotlight store and pick up some fabric on special. Here's a pic of the fabric that I bought....You can't really see it all that well but they are all just divine!!! The one on the end at the right has little apples on it, too cute, it will be perfect for a summer dress for my little princess.

I received a parcel of fabric from America last week that I've been itching to show everyone. I picked it up on my way out of town on Wednesday afternoon and have had no blog since then to post any pictures. Well here it is...I got a couple of metres of each which I think will be ample. I've a use for the purple fabric, it will back a cot quilt, but not for the other two. I just saw them and thought 'oh what the heck'.

The online store that I bought them all from was Reprodepot and let me tell you now..... You really must go over there and have a look, it's just GREAT!!!! Her fabric is so cheap and the freight to Australia is really quick, it only took four days.

I can't emphasise enough just how happy I am with my very first overseas fabric order. I also ordered some fabric from another store in America at the same time but am yet to receive it. Hopefully it'll come some time this week and when it does I'll give you all a looksee and post the link to the site.


  1. Great fabrics you have found.
    Love the little apples and I've always wanted that tape measure fabric. Will have to go and waste time on the site you have suggested. Hope you had a great break, now back to earth.

  2. Would you know the name of the tape measure fabric. Would like to chase some up myself.

  3. awesome fabric jode.... I am on my way over to repro now.... thanx for the link..
    luv Abby

  4. I Love that tape measure fabric - It is gorgeous.
    I have a bit of it and i hoard it like a wild thing !!!
    Glad you are back and had fun

  5. Hi Fiona,
    I jumped onto the reprodepot to find the link to the tape fabric for you. It appears to have all sold out. The name of it is Building Blocks Rulers - Retro. Maybe she might get some more in soon. In the flesh the little apples fabric is just gorgeous! I really can't wait to use it.

    Hi Ab,
    Glad you like the fabrics. They were all so cheap. The ones from spotlight were only $2 a metre and the ones from america ranged between $3 and $9 a metre.


  6. Hi Jodie,
    Tell me about it, it has the same affect as the rings on the lord of the rings. LOL!!!
    I had an amazing time away but it's great to be home.

    Hi Felicia,


  7. Hey great minds - I just bought the same apple fabric yesterday and I have the green spot and the brown and pink spot - you can never have enough fabric can you!! I am waiting on a fabric delivery from the States too. It's sooooo cheap at the moment and my fabrics were between $4-$8 per yard and postage only $11 - bargain!!

  8. I must agree with you.... The fabric from the states is so cheap at the moment. Where abouts are you getting your fabric from? I've found 2 really great online sites that are really good with the frieght. If I order on Monday I'll have my fabric by Thursday, now that's pretty good comming from overseas.


  9. Great stash building! I have haunted the reprodepot site but haven't been game yet to order fabric from overseas - I was concerned about postage costs and about customs. No hassles with either, I assume! I think it's time to spend (more) money!


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