Road Trip

I'm so excited!!!! DH, little princess and I are heading off for a little road trip. We're going to Newcastle for 4 days for a machinery field day/weekend, well DH will be going to the field day and little princess and I will be shopping til we drop. So if anyone knows of some good sewing or craft shops in that area let me know. We'll be heading off tomorrow night and arriving home on Sunday around lunch time.
I feel horrible leaving all of my animals alone but I have a great neighbour who has assured me that they will all be fine. They also have alot of animals, like me, so they know what it's all about.

I have some bad news to report on the animal front.... I lost the little lamb that I was feeding through the eye dropper, sigh... On a brighter note the other little lamb is going really well and is back with his mother. His name is Bailey and he is just the most handsome boy, don't you think?
Here's another pic of him with one of my other ewe lambs, Annie. She's pure black except her nose. Now aren't they just the sweetest things?????

I've been meaning to tell everyone about this great little blog that I discovered through the Doll Quilt Swap. It's Lulu Lolly Legs and it's the work of an amazingly talented women from Melbourne, Australia. She has also signed up for the four seasons quilt swap (I have too), fingers crossed I might be lucky enough to have her as my swap partner. She does the most sensational patchwork. She also has a great little tutorial for a lined apron on her blog. Trust me, you won't regret it, go check her out...

I will be taking my laptop away with me this trip so that I don't miss out on posting a pic for my flashback Friday. Take care everyone........ Until next time.


  1. Enjoy your road trip! Love the sweet lamb photos :)

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  3. Cute little lamb. Sorry about the other little one.
    Hope you have a great road trip.
    I have a Newcastle street map.
    Let me know where your going and I can tell you some shopping centres.
    Charlestown Square is great. It's near the coast though.

  4. Safe travels Jodes. Have a great time and shop yourself silly!
    Great lamb pics - do they have Dorper in them?

  5. Wow Jodie how nice are you!! That was a lovely surprise seeing my name on your blog. I must admit to being a regular lurker here and thought I must thank you for saying such nice things about me. Wasn't the doll quilt swap fun. I wasn't sure about doing the seasons one but I couldn't resist, they are so much fun. I really must get on with making quilts for my own daughters beds though. Oh there is never enough time is there. I'm loving all the cute things you make for your little Princess - very inspiring.

    Love the lambs - sweet! Hope you enjoy your road trip and come home with some crafty goodies!!

  6. Hi Felicia,
    I know... I couldn't just stop at one, I had to put two.

    Hi Fiona,
    Well I'm not actually at New Castle, I'm at Cessnock. We're staying at the Crowne Plaza, do you know where that is? I went for a drive down the main drag but didn't spot any craft shops just 3 op-shops, I'll definately be checking them out tomorrow. Do you know Cessnock at all? Maybe you might know where some craft shops are here. Do you know where the closest Spot Light is? I just love that shop.


  7. Hi Mandie,
    No, these little guys don't have any dorper in them but my next lot definately will.

    Hi Louise,
    Thanks for leaving me a comment. I wasn't sure about the 4 seasons swap at first either but then thought... oh what the heck, it'll be fun!! It looks like it's a great little group of crafters and like I said before, I can't wait to get started. You're definately right... There's not enough hours in a day to do all of the things that you want to get done, ever!!


  8. This lamb-y is so adorable. I want to pet him! Does he make a lot of noise? I am such a city-girl!

  9. WOW I liked Bailey and he is just the most handsome boy, right:) Nice Days...


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