Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Quality Time

Here's my attempt at the cookies from this book. I would just love to do up a teapot to go with them. If anyone knows of where I can get a pattern from it would be great if you could leave me a comment.

My little princess spent some quality time with her dad on Sunday afternoon fixing an old tractor that he bought from a clearing sale a couple of months ago. I just love this pic of her....trying to help dad drive. How cute is her little pony tail? You can only just see it as she only just has one. Unfortunately she's inherited my hair, very fine. I never had a pony tail until I was 2.

I really must make a mention of the wonderful day I had over at Dubbo on the weekend. I went over for the Central West Quilt and Needlework Expo and to do a bit of shopping. I met some beautiful crafty women from blog land and it's just been so great to put real life faces to the names/blogs. I had the pleasure of meeting Fiona, Donna and Patch.

I wasn't at the expo for long but by luck of a fluke I ran into Donna and Patch at the local shopping centre. We then decided to catch up for some lunch, Fiona joined us too. I had such a wonderful day, it was so great to meet these 3 terrific ladies.


  1. It was so nice to meet you and at least we get to meet again next year......the expo was great ......Sydney if the only other option and it is to far away.......

  2. Great picture of your princess on the tractor, her clothes look too pretty to be getting dirty.
    We all loved our lunch with you and your princess.
    ps. my link is incorrect. Mine has a dash.

  3. You know how I don't have anything better to do so I searched for some patterns for you.
    Check these ever so cute tea sets out.

  4. ohhh jode... I love the cookies they are so cute put together. I just love my little girls ponytail. I think its even cuter when she wears clips.... have you thought of a headband?? LMAO....
    luv Abby

  5. How fun to meet some blogging friends!

    Cute picture of your gal!

  6. oh you lucky duck meeting all those people and the cookies are fab! must keep an eye out for that book.....they are so good for the waistline!!!!!!!!!

  7. Your princess is so cute! I have a photo of mine many years ago with two little piggy tails - absolutely adorable. She looks pretty happy on that tractor - could be a sign of things to come.....
    me personally, I would love to be on a tractor - never been on one myself!

  8. Gorgeous cookies -. I used to live in Dubbo many moons ago, I haven't thought about it for years ! Great to find crafty friends isn't it?


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