Wednesday, October 24, 2007

To Market We Go....And a FREEBIE for 1 lucky reader!!!!

Yes.... You read it right!! I'm packing up all of the goodies that I've made over the last month and heading off to my very first local market day. It's this Saturday from 10am to 3pm so if your in the area pop on down to Drumond Park. I'm SO NERVOUS!!!! But as I keep telling myself 'everything will be just fine and everybody will just love my stuff.... I hope'.

Here's a pic of my latest creation...
It's a hair clip, obviously, with a crochet flower sewn to it. I'm was thinking of selling them as a pair on a little card for either $2.50 or $3.00.... What do you all think????? I think that I've looked at them too long, as you do when you create something new, and now I can't decide. What would you pay???My sister and I are doing the stall together which is great. We're baking buiscuits on Friday to sell and I've also made some big jars of tomato relish which is always a big hit!! I will definitely post a pic of our table all set up at the markets for everybody next week.

Anyone out there that might have some pointers for a pair of first time market goers please do leave me a comment as any kind of advice would be greatly appreciated, that greatly appreciated that I might even have to give the best comment a freebie!!!! To the most helpful comment that I receive about the markets I'll mail out the very pair of clips that feature in this post... So everybody put those thinking caps on and give a nervous girl some help (LOL)...


  1. Hi Jodie,
    Thanks for your comment on my bag..I didn't design the green fabric but bought it from reprodepot. It's a very very fine cotton and I found it quite hard to work with to be honest, but am happy the way the bag turned out.

    Re: a market stall...have a look here
    I have to say this is the best/hands on info on a crafty market stall I have read.
    Goodluck & have fun, too bad we live so far away.

    In regards to the clips, have a look at what it cost you to make it and put a 100%-150% margin on it.

  2. Great news Jodie that you are both doing the markets. Love the little hairclips and the card you have them on looks soooooo professional.
    Don't be too disheartened if your first one doesn't do too well, some people look and come back next market day.
    I agree with Hollabee about that link. Great tips there.
    I've read somewhere else that it's best to have lots of different colour of everything for variety.
    Good Luck, can't wait to hear how it goes.
    ps. Price of $3.00 sounds reasonable for sure.

  3. Jodie they are so sweet - I'm sure they'll be a big success. Sorry no tips, I'm as in the dark as you are about such things. Be brave and most importantly enjoy yourself! Good Luck!!

  4. ohhh....
    I must think of a tip....
    those are my FAVE clips so far...
    maybe this....
    lets just have a great time showing off all our fab stuff....
    do I win... HAHA....
    just kidding
    luv u

  5. I would easily pay $5 for the clips - probably more actually, but I am from the city and maybe in the country you wouldn't charge as much.
    I haven't got any advice for you. My friend and I are hoping to set up a market stall one day, but we don't have enough merchandise to sell as yet. So, rather than me give you advice, perhaps you can give us advice.
    Is your relish nice????? I do love a good relish. Wish I could pop by and buy some.
    Actually, I have a little advice for you - make sure you relax and have fun and know that everything you sell is worth every cent you charge for it. I think we crafter sometimes undervalue our work!
    Have fun

  6. Hi Jodie - No advice here really but smile a lot , say hi to people , be prepared for a chat, be nice to the stallholders next to you. Smile when people expect you to give them a free lesson in how to make the thing you are selling (it will happen) and generally have fun. I hope it is a huge huge success - I love the card for the clip - very professional and at least $3 I suggest.
    Oh and decide before you go ons ome rules - like will you take custom orders - do they have to leave a deposit - will you hold something till next time etc - just so you know where your at !

  7. They are gorgeous. $3.00 seems like an absolute bargain! I would charge a bit more. Good luck with the market and I am sure it will be a huge success.

  8. hi there

    you'll love it! we did 2 stalls and I loved them but don't go and visit other stalls or you'll spend all your profits!

    I can just imagine your stall with crafty things

    oh and pricing my cake decorating teacher taught me a great rule, work out costs and times it by 3...1/3 is cost, 1/3 is your work and 1/3 is your nice to have money!!!!

  9. Hi Jodie! Thanks for visiting my blog. Good luck with the market, too. Everyone's tips are great, specially posiepatchwork's link. As for pricing, all the margin and mark-up is great, but think about it as customer when you're buying for your kiddo, taking into consideration the other things that are part of the family budget. Then also look at anyone else at the same craft market who are selling similar products to yours. Always, look at your product from the customer's perspective....and I'm now taking off my marketing hat. They'll definitely love your crochet hairclips.

  10. Ditto what everyone says and just enjoy yourself. No one likes a grumpy or bored stallholder. A happy and friendly face will have people flocking to see your wares.


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