Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My New Creation!!!!

O.K... It really is hard to take a picture of yourself!!!! This one is the best of a really, really bad bunch.....
It's the new shirt that I told you all about in my previous post. I made it out of some gorgeous blue and white stripe seersucker fabric. It only took me 1/2 an hour at the sewing machine and about the same amount of time to cut it out.... Isn't that Amazing!!! I'm definitely going to make some more, maybe in a funky print next time... It's a great shirt for summer, really light weight.
We've had some beautiful much need rain here over the last couple of days, 67mm to be exact!!! The wet weather has given me the crocheting bug again and I've started crocheting up some pressies for Xmas. A blanket and a plush toy is what I have on the go so far.... I'll post some progress pics of them tomorrow.
Take Care ;)


  1. the top looks great! you're very clever to be able to recreate it without a pattern.
    can't wait to see what you are crocheting - especially the toy.

  2. Cute shirt! It makes me miss summer already. We are heading into fall and winter here in the states, so all of my tank tops are packed away! Boo-hoo!

  3. Oh Jodie, it looks lovely.
    Is it a slip over your head or how does it do up.
    What is the pattern.
    We need more info. Very nice.

  4. what a great top - you have done very well - it looks lovely on you.

  5. Look at you in your pearls you gorgeous thing! The top is lovely, well done!

  6. What a great top! What a busy and talented girl! Mel xxxxx

  7. I ove this top...
    well done jode
    luv Abby

  8. oh i love this! so cute! i had a similar photo shoot last night for a skirt i made, i have to say, it's really hard to take a good photo of yourself! -kb


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