Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So Inspired!!!!!

I just love blog land!!!! Full of so many generous people sharing there vast knowledge of craftiness through wonderful tutorials. I've been busy sewing up a storm over the last week using some of the fantastic tutorials on offer out there. I got these frog's from Purl Bee.Aren't they just the cutest??? I filled them with rice and lavender. They're going to be pressie's for some very special ladies this Xmas, hopefully they like them. I thought they'd be great for your delicates/knickers draw. I got this bunny pattern from Purl Bee too...I've filled this one with polyester fibre fill and put a little rattle inside of it. It will be part of an Xmas gift for one of my new born nephews.

Weewonderfuls has had this free pattern for a little bunny up on her blog for quite a while and I've been dying to make it!!! I've used one of the embroidered pillow cases I bought from Vinnie's back in this post, what do you think???
I stuffed this one the same way that I stuffed the Purl Bee bunny. I cut a heap of different sized pieces of flannel for the tail and sewed them to the back of the bunny with a button in the centre. This bunny is also destined for the loving arms of one of my newborn nephews. Now that I'm on the softies roll I designed my own little pattern over the weekend for these two treasures.....

Eddy and Dotty.... Dotty is for my little princess this Xmas even though she would love to have her NOW!!! She dragged her around the house all day Sunday and it was so heartbreaking when I eventually had to take Dotty back off her and put her up in the present cupboard. Eddy is for another one of my nephews Charlie. This little crayon bag is to go with Eddy for Charlie....

He's just turned 2 so hopefully this present will be right down his alley. I made this little card purse for his mummy Kylie.It's the perfect size for a key card, lip gloss and a couple of dollars change. I made a similar purse to this for the markets last month and they were really popular. Hopefully this one is just as popular with Kylie.

So as you can all see I've been busy crafting up a storm for my hand made Xmas pledge this year. I still have a long way to go but at least all of the kids are just about out of the way. I hope you all get as inspired as I have by the tutorials in this post... ;)


  1. Jodie it's all wonderful. I wish I had your time. I'm sure people will really appreciate the effort you have gone to.

  2. Wow you have been busy - I love the bunny made out of the pillow case. Thanks for the idea. I have so many of those pillow cases and I've run out of ideas to use them. Purl Bee is one of my favourite blogs.

  3. Wow! You've done heaps and all so cute. Well done on getting heaps of christmas present crafting!

  4. Inspired ??? yes !!! exhauseted too by the looks of all that. Isn't it a great feeling to really knock a few projects off the list - then you can add more !!!
    I love the use of the emroidery on the bunny -a great idea

  5. GO GIRL !!! and I thought I got busy this week. Love them all, especially the bunny using the embroided pillow case. Great idea. You may have inspired me to do the same. Oh no !!!! more things to make.

  6. ohhh I love your work jojo... especially the bunny and the bug eyed frog. ohhh and the little crayon bag.... sooo handy.... well done....
    luv Abby

  7. I love your bunny ! You have to continue !

  8.'ve been a busy bee haven't you! love the things you have made!
    keep on crafting

  9. Hi Jodie, thanks for popping by my blog, it's lovely to meet new people, albeit thru blogland.
    your bunnies are lovely too ! love the little shorts ...
    I realy love the embroidered bunny out of a pillowcase.
    So many fab ideas out there.
    Hope you'll pop by again.


  10. You HAVE been busy!! I love the little bunny rattle and the little crayon case the best. That present cupboard will be filling up. Well DOne!

  11. Ah, purl...yes, a very very nice place to shop. You are really going nuts here. I think you're well on your way to a homemade xmas. Lovely bunny.

  12. Wow where do you find the time,Im still trying to finish the knitted things for special gifts
    Oh and the Im "Adopting" a Sewing machine at Xam too....think its like yours,with all that sewing you ve been doing it must be a great machine,LOL

  13. Hi Corrine,
    Thanks for popping by and commenting on my blog. It's always great to meet new bloggers out there. Do you have a Blog?? What is your URL?? I'd love to come and check you out!!


  14. Very very inspiring! Thank you!! I especially love Dotty, maybe it's the name :)


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