Such Devastation.....

I sure was shocked when we drove through some of the fire affected areas of VIC on the weekend....
Never in a million years had I imagined it would be this bad.....
It really does make you cherish what you have and feel for those who have lost so much....
So give the loved ones around you an extra big squeeze for me today and Take Care..... :)


  1. I can imagine that those are depressing sights. It is terrible!!
    Are the fires all out now?

  2. I really dont know how the people have the courage to return to such saddened sites but they are the true heroes arent they, the ones that rebuild their lives there after so much loss. I dont think I could have driven up there to look at all the devastation as a few people have, and I dont think I went through it many times when it was before the fires either. I just hope that the affected people can heal.

  3. It truly hurts my heart to think of the devastion seeing it up close would have been heartbreaking. links to The Australian photo gallery scroll down to find black sunday pictures....truly unbeleiveable devastation.

  4. It makes my blood run cold....
    How do people recover from that kind of devastation and loss?
    Humans are such strong and resilient animals aren't we? I just cannot imagine what those people must be feeling.
    Makes you appreciate what you have....
    On a brighter note....we will miss you at Nundle this year....maybe you will join us in a couple of years when your 2 little princesses are a bit more independent??
    Little hugs to them


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