Stocking Up...

This weeks knitting has seen the completion of a matching bunny hat for miss Connie...I love this pattern by Susan B Anderson from this amazing book... This woman truly is an inspiration when it comes to all things itty bitty... I've also managed to knit up another one of these little pebble vests, this time for my step brothers baby boy which is due and day now....I used 5mm needles instead pf 4mm and a 10ply yarn. As a result the vest has made up to be a size 6-9 months instead of newborn which is just perfect...
Can you believe that Easter is this weekend??? Where on earth has this year gone???
I have visitors arriving for the long weekend on Thursday so am off to town for the day today to 'stock up'.... What fun things have you got planned for the long weekend???
We've got a heap of sheep to muster and while I have the extra 'manpower' around I'm planning on putting it to good use and painting the girls cubby and building a garden bed...
(that's the cubby in the background of the pic above, definitely needs a coat of paint... )

Have a happy Easter everyone and Take Care... ^_^


  1. You are amazing producing all these knitted goodies. I love them all, but especially the bunny hats, as you know.

  2. The chocolate colored bunny hat is just adorable. I hope your volunteers can get the cubby painted while their there, or are you the one doing the painting.

  3. Wha gorgeous hats! Hard as it can be at times to do, a picture with both girls and their hats on would be one to treasure.
    Good luck with the mustering, hope it doesn't get too frustrating. Have a great time with your visitors and the cubby painting.
    Bec xxx

  4. I totally agree, I've already had a weekend away sewing and now another long weekend with Easter. Good to see your going to make your visitor work for their supper. Beer works well too.....

  5. Love the matching beanies - would love to see a pick of the two girls together!

    The little vest is so cute. Well done.

    Have a great easter. We were planning of going camping - but we might go another weekend when there are not so many people out and about and on the road (and not to mention the police that want to take double points and money off of you this weekend!) So think that we will stay at home - do some gardening - get the winter veges in and might even go for a bit of a bush walk.

  6. Love the bunny hats! You will have to give me the pattern as I would love to knit a pretty pink one for my little princess!!
    What color are you going to pant the Cubby... At least now I know what to get Miss Connie for her birhday some goodies to go in her cubby...

  7. I just love those hats!!! Too cute!
    Our cubby needs a paint as well, but DH just wants it gone..I think the kids have a few more years left, but.....
    We are family BBQing, which means lots of cleaning! Have fun, Tracey

  8. Love the vest and hat. I have been wanting to make that vest in handspun.

  9. I am in love with your new sepia heaer...gorgeous... and that dark choc bunny...ohhhh my!!

  10. aw the bunny hats are so darn cute, nearly as cute as your kids!
    whats happening here this easter? um not much, dags (aka super dh) is a shift worker, so he has just done his last night shift last night and is on day work sat & sun and nights on monday /tues, then I am off to quilt retreat in Adelaide on thursday next week.. cannot WAIT!
    hope you have a wonderful weekend with your 'volunteers'..

  11. Easter,loads of that nice choccy stuff!!!!
    Love the hats,so cute!!
    Are you out at Louth now? Living I mean,I was looking at the greenery and hoping you were,it was so dry when I was out there before!

  12. Love the bunny hats. It's lovely to see cosy knits for kids these days when there is so much commercial nylon about.

    Happy Easter,

    Cheers - Joolz

  13. I just made one of these cute little vests too...your is great, Tm xo


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