The Sweet Smell of Home...

After yet another long car trip I've finally made it home.... No matter how much fun I have while I'm away or how well my Mum looks after me nothing beats the feeling of coming home.... So today, while nursing a really bad case of Mondayitis, I sat in my favourite spot in the garden and just took a big breath....

Take Care... :)

p.s. the pics are of the matching top I made for Miss Connie that I mentioned in the previous post.


  1. It is always so nice to come home after a nice break away. Miss Connie looks so sweet in her pretty little top.

  2. welcome home!! we missed you!! Miss connie is rocking her pink handmade loveliness...well done mama!!

  3. there is nothing like coming home eh??

    Miss Connie's top is just lovely.


  4. I just love all your recent knitting projects. Your little models are gorgeous too.

  5. OMG She looks like she has the longest legs.....
    So glad others have "wonderful" 2 year old girls. My daughter was the same and still has her "wonderful" moments.
    I stay very firm and am often the "awful" mother. Oh Well !!!


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