The Swap feedback from my last post was awesome, THANK YOU!!!! I can't wait to get started and for those that have joined in keep an eye on your email as there's one headed your way stating all the info needed to get you started....
Miss Connie has been selling her 'farm fresh chook eggs' to some people in town for a couple of months now. She sells them for $2 a dozen and makes just enough money to cover the cost of her chook feed.

I decided this week that she could do with a bag to help her carry the eggs when she takes them to town. So after a few sketches I came up with a design that should hopefully do the trick...

It neatly holds 2 cartons of eggs and even has a little pocket on the inside to put the money as she collects it.

Sometimes she loads it up with just eggs and that works a treat too, holding about 3 dozen, 12 more eggs than when they're in cartons....

I was thinking of making another one of these bags as her eggs have become quite popular over the last couple of weeks, with 4+ dozen being sold weekly. I was also thinking about posting a tutorial for this bag, would anybody be interested???

Take Care :)


  1. A bag that shape would also be good for buying bread from bakers delight when you get the 4 block combo. To stand the loaves in side by side KWIM?

    Ahh fresh eggs, would be lovely!Especially at $2.00 a doz!!

  2. I love the bag Connie uses for her eggs and the fabric is just adorable. I will keep an eye out for my email.

  3. Oh, very nice! It would be perfect for shopping at farmers markets too. Id be interested in a tutorial :-)

  4. cute bag.......goodluck Connie......might need some of those eggs my girls are on strike at the moment.........

  5. Love the bag and yes please to a tutorial. Best wishes to you and the egg lady!

  6. too cute... that bag is my fave part of getting my weekly egg quota.... I hope Im still on the books when I get back..hehe.


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