Friday, July 9, 2010

Peasant Dress.......

Last night with visions of yummy homemade dresses in my head I set to work creating something new for my wardrobe... I had a box full of DHs old button up shirts and some bargain buy '$2 a metre' heavy weight fabric from Spotlight's end of Winter sale last year and after a few snips here and even more there...The 'Peasant Dress' was born........ Teamed up with my new Noro scarf it made the perfect outfit for my shop today... :) I'm now busily crocheting away on another scarf using some of the gorgeous Cascade Chunky Super-wash that came in this week.... Cascade really has hit the nail on the head with this yarn, it's an absolute dream to knit with!!!
What's hot on your needles (hook) at the moment???
Hugs............ Jodie xx-xx


  1. You look super cute Jodie! You are one clever girl that has such wonderful ideas.

    I have a baby cardigan on one set of needles, a lace scarf on another and I am wanting to cast on a cute beret...always seems I have several projects going at once.

  2. wow cute dress...........fab figure.........and yes great combinations with your is the shop going????
    no knitting here......

  3. Your Whole Outfit looks Great...Clever Chic...I'm Knitting a Bolero for Baby E for next Winter..

  4. You clever girl Jodie. You do look very cute in your dress and your scarf looks wonderful and warm too.


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