Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Today I'm.....

Putting the finishing touches on some new gloves made using the gorgeous 8ply Heirloom Alpaca I have in my shop..... Along with finally getting the chance to picture a super simple slouchy hat I made a fortnight ago (pattern particulars here)....
And thanks to the generosity of a gorgeous neighbour I am now in the possession of oodles of oranges destined to be made into mouth watering Orange Jam....
What are you doing today???

Hugs............. Jodie xx-xx


  1. i'm always envious of how quickly and easily you seem to whip things up out of wool! loved your felted slouch hat from the other day and oh look, here you are with another different style one and a beanie!! go you :)

  2. The quick slouch hat looks lovely and warm; and possibly easy to make too.... The oranges look lovely too, will there be orange cake for morning tea too????
    Today we are not doing much, tidying up, a little cleaning, putting the cow out to milk tomorrow, ironing, putting washing away and maybe a little sewing. A restful day, hopefully!

  3. Your new hat looks great. Those alpaca gloves look very cozy - I tried to knit with alpaca and found out I am allergic to it, itching and sneezing everywhere! Oh well lots of other goodies to knit with. The orange jam sounds wonderful Jodie. I am having a quiet day today enjoying the misty rain and the peace and quiet.

  4. You're making me feel very lazy! You are always up to something creative!

  5. wow you are amazing mrs jelly how do you manage a shop family and a farm you must drop into bed shattered well how ever your'e doing it you doing so well hope to see the skiens of yarn in your webshop soon ttfn take care Nicole (UK)


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