Monday, March 21, 2011

24hr Bug.....

In the darkness of my bedroom DH clicks his mobile phone to capture these progress pictures of my latest knitting project......
norie 2
My poor girls are bed-ridden (in my bed of-coarse) due to a '24hr bug/wog' that seems to be lingering for more like 48hrs..... sigh....
norie 1
So amongst the spew-y towels and stink-y sheets I'm putting the finishing touches on this super cute extra slouchy hat that I started on Friday (pattern 'Norie' from 'The Shetland Trader' book)...
I'm using a gorgeous cotton/angora blend yarn that I'll tell you more about later....
But for now, I'm off to snuggle with my girls and pray that they sleep well through the night and wake with settled tummy's...


  1. I hope they get over it by the morning, it is awful when they are sick.
    Cute hat.

  2. Lovely latest creations Jodie. Hope that peskie bug leaves your house soon without taking anyone else down... :)

  3. Poor wee things, there is nothing worse than sick kids....makes you wish you could be sick for them when they are that quiet. You need a laugh check out this site if you don't nearly pee yourself laughing I will eat your hat, which BTW is lovely! ;-)

  4. Gotta love the communal bug!!!

    Love your norrie...will cast mine on soon...after I finish my liesl!!
    I was sent the link for too. Have not laughed that much in ages. Do look at it Jodie!

  5. poor you! the vomits are the pits! Hope they are over the worst of it and that by tomorrow eve, all is fresh and bright again.

  6. Hope everyones feeling better soon, being sick is no fun.

  7. Hope you all get a good nights sleep & wake up raring to go, with all bugs forgotten.
    Lovely hat,looks like beautiful yarn.

  8. So sorry to hear your children are sick Jodie. Little ones are like droopy wilted flowers when they are brought down with a bug. There is little sleep for mom anyways when her chicks are sick, so one might as well knit while she watches over them. You have got to be one fast knitter. Seems like there is always something new and pretty being created daily on your blog. I spend so much time checking out all your creative happenings and hardly find time to visit anyone else, LOL.

  9. The same thing has gone through our household this winter too...can't wait for spring to finally get here, but it's snowing today! Your knitting is just lovely though. Pretty color you are using.

    Hope everyone is on the mend soon!


  10. Gorgeous work Jody, i hope your babies are feeling better soon. Take it slow...
    I have decided to make 'Green Girl' for my daughter. In your opinion would any 8ply be suitable. I 'can' knit but am reasonably novice although been knitting for years, and never really 'got' the whole matching the ply to the needle thing....(blush) actually i think its the US versus aus convert that confuses me sometimes. It seemed rather simple and i think i am going to go along with your changes too as it looks lovely.
    Thanks for all your inspiration...gotta love the blogging world and all the gorgeous bloggers. Thank you x

  11. Hope your littlies are all good now

    The slouch looks lovely

  12. Truly you are a wonder with all your projects. I am sorry your babies are sick. I hope they are over it by now and all the laundry is caught up.

  13. I hope your little ladies are feeling better soon and that Mum and dad don't succumb.
    Your new project looks great.

  14. Love your 'pink' hat too!! I hope your girls are feeling better today! :)

  15. nawww, i hope the girls are feelin better real soon, and that u are tying to rest up aswell (well when u can) cause it can be hard on mummys too.
    omg i am having JELLYWARES withdrawals lol. hope to see u this week, maybe a class on thurs(fingers crossed).

    cheers bec cain

  16. It is awful when our kids are sick. Hope they feel better soon.

    Your new hat is looking lovely.

  17. Oh I like this slouchy hat! Hope your girls are well again, not nice when they are miserable.

  18. super great slouch! hope they got better quick = nothing worse than spewing - especially more than one at a time!

  19. I love the color of the tuck. I also love the shapes you have in it. If they are shapes? Are they shapes or little holes? Please correct me if I'm wrong.


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