Sunday, March 6, 2011

Making Me Smile Today......

A new knitted 'Rainbow Pickle' for Connie-Girl (details here)....
taiyo 2
taiyo 1
A cute little top made with the sweetest of fabrics, just for my Millie (thanks Nik, I loved sewing this little number together).....
top 1
And the most adorable little dolly's that I still can't believe only cost me $2, and that's for the pair!!!!
dolls 003
dolls 013
What's making you smile today???


  1. Hey Jodie, your post is making me smile today! Do you know of any grown-up patterns similar to the gorgeous one Miss Connie is wearing? toni xxx

  2. Yep all your photos are making me smile too, so cute!!

  3. Those cute little girls of yours are making me smile! That rainbow vest is just adorable!

  4. Oh I so love your rainbow pickles...I am nearly finished my first ever knitted pickles vest for miss 2 myself!!

    What's making me smile today? Well a cuppa at my girlfriends house this morning :) That always makes me smile :)

  5. Oh how cute is the little top and the rainbow sweater! Those little dolls look adorable too. I am smiling knowing that my work for the day will be just about done in an hour or two!

  6. love the rainbow knit... too cute!

  7. Lovely everything in your photos. As you can see I am playing catch-up, trying to not miss anything that you have posted. That vest is so cute on your darling little Connie. Is there a written pattern?


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