Sunday, October 16, 2011

Special Gifts....

I must say - the most special gifts of them all (to me any way) are those that are hand crafted by people who are dear to you....
brooch 2
There's just something about them, it's as though the thought and love that's gone into every minute of making them oozzes out each and every time the handmade gift is adorned...

Thank You so very much Suze for my very special brooch!!! I love it so, so much and look forward to it now being a fixture in my Spring/Summer wardrobe for the remainder of this year and many more to come...


  1. You look very pretty in pink:) Handmade gifts are the best and so special knowing that how much thought and time went into making it just for you. xo

  2. That is very special. You'll feel happy every time you wear it. Jane x

  3. What a sweet gift. Handmade gifts are the BEST especially when it's a friend that has made it especially - lovely brooch.
    P.S my word verification is 'phalyc' RANDOM!!!

  4. What a nice gift, handmade makes it even more special :)

  5. Such a cute gift. I agree that handmade gifts are the best, and I love putting in the time and effort to make them, I however, have so few people who appreciate receiving them :(

    I on the other hand love getting homemade gifts. The thought, care and time makes it more special :)

    This is my first time commenting on your blog and just wanted to say I love stopping by :)

  6. nice photos

  7. very nice


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