Monday, January 16, 2012

Summer Afternoons

The windy weather this past week has been just perfect for kite flying....
kite 1 
So we've been making the most of it, as you do, getting our fill of windy action with some friends!!!
kite 2 
Connie (my 5yr old) even enjoyed a fly,
kite 3 
and loved every minute of it!!!! Next time she might even be ready to go solo...
kite 4 
kite 5 
Summer afternoons spent like this - finished off with a BBQ of coarse, are up there with my favourites - how 'bout you??? What's your favourite way to spend a Summer's afternoon where you come from???


  1. What fun. It's been years since I've taken out a kite. Might have to have a go.

  2. How lovely! We are in the middle of Winter and just got out first snow this last week! Early out one day and a two hour delay the next! Not too bad. I look forward to when we can get out and fly a kite again!

  3. Kite flying is such good fun:) A bbq at the end of a warm day is what summer is about. Sitting out on the deck enjoying dinner, going for a walk along the beach with an ice cream is a favourite treat here too. xx

  4. Thanks so much for the invite to Pinterest! And for visiting my blog!
    Actually, it's winter here but it's been in the 60-70's F and very windy so we could fly kites here too but we have so many trees here and then you have to watch for those power lines!
    She was so cute holding those kites. I would hold on to her though....she's so little she might go airborn! Don't tell her I said that as I know she is a big girl in her heart! Too cute. What a great day....wish I was there to participate!

  5. Just came across your blog by reading another one I follow.

  6. Yummy beets... I can hardly wait to plant a garden this year! Do you ever make pickled beets? My gramma used to make them and they were sooo good! If interested, let me know... I will send you the recipe. Great on a salad, or just good to eat.

  7. Oh... thanks for stopping by my blog Jodie!

  8. its a bit wetter up this neck of the woods but we have been going to the pool a lot (too much run-off in the creek). Love the look of your country :-)


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