Monday, January 30, 2012

Poppy and Connor....

Just before Xmas we were very lucky to welcome 2 new little kittens to our tribe..... Meet 'Poppy' (and yes that's me, raw as raw, with all my lines exposed - something I'm trying to embrace)...
And here's Millie's 'Little Connor'.....
cat 1 
cat 2 
cat 3 
cat 4 
We sure do love our cats 'round these parts.... :)


  1. I too love cats. Your two little darlings are going to be very happy. Great pictures.

  2. Oh they are so super cute. They look like our Bella!

  3. Adorable! We have two grown up cats ourselves, but
    Kittens are always extra special, don't you think?
    Have fun!

  4. Oh how very sweet.
    You'll have your hands full with these two playful and energetic kittens I bet.

  5. I don't know who's the cutest in all those photos! LOL! What a good looking family and the kitten too!'re beautiful...when you get to be my age and you look back at photos of yourself at your age you'll think so too! LOL!
    My blog is and my email is
    I just noticed you asked for it above but there's no reply necessary but would love for you to visit my blog have your hands full though...I understand!

  6. Awww gorgeous (oh and the kittens too) LOL! Love the photo where we can't really see the kitten. Tough love xx

  7. We sure do love cats in our house too, mine sleeps on the bed next to me all night....she's definitely mummy's girl and don't the rest pf the household know it! That winter wind is a killer isn't it :-)

  8. Sweet little tabbies, they're so cute!

  9. Awe....Jodie girl, the lines, what lines, you mean those laugh lines that you have earned? Well, don't fret, the real beauties of this world don't have the make-up artists or the folks with air brushes to hide behind....nothing fake about you, so what is not to love. The kittens are gonna be a handful, but I do believe those young ones of yours will tend to them just fine. When ya live out in the country you need a cat or two to help keep the mice and other critters away. They will more than earn their keep. Love your knitted top. I wish I lived in Australia so I could visit your knit shop. My friend use to have one and I was one of her best customers. I loved that place! Have a great weekend.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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