Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Keep Your Valuables Close!!!

Let me set the scene......

Just before Xmas DH decided that he'd surprise me with a gift that was destined to save me a hell of a lot of wasted time on the business front - a Smart Phone... I was SO EXCITED!!!!! I was now able to email and blog as well as catch up on all my other Internet Stuff 'on the go'... I loved my Smart Phone and treated it accordingly...

That was until last Monday night, my first night away at camp, when after less than 15mins of sitting on a bench top in our hostel, unattended as I bathed my Connie Girl, my new Smart Phone went missing... At first I assumed that it was simply misplaced, I searched and searched and searched and searched - for a whole week and nearly went crazy in the process - but now after confirmation from my provided I know that my phone was in fact stolen.....

Although I cancelled my SIM as soon as I misplaced my phone there are still precious pictures that remain on the hard drive of my missing Smart Phone...

I am absolutely devastated!!! Even as I type this post I still can't believe that something like this has happened - surely I must be mistaken??? Right???? Why would someone want to 'steel' my phone??? Are there really people out there like that????

So now, I sit here without a phone. Being isolated like we are out here it's a 10 day, minimum, wait before my replacement phone will arrive but do I really want it???... I'm not a religious person but I do believe that you should 'do unto others as you would like done unto you' - right??? I could never imagine taking someones private possession for my own gain - could you?

At least I managed to download this pic off my Smart Phone the day before School camp.....
phone 1
Take Care and Keep Your Valuables Close... xx


  1. Oh Jodie, that makes me sick to my stomache.
    I'm going to download and then delete all my photos now. Ick!

  2. I know Jodie. It never occurs to me to take someone else's things and I don't understand why other people do it. We do need to get more outraged about it though because I think we are in danger of accepting that this is the way life goes now. We even had someone steal the soap on tap at the surgery a couple of weeks ago!

  3. Horrid to have something stolen like that and worse for the loss of photos and information too.

  4. What an awful thing to happen. Sorry to hear about this violation of your property but mostly your personal images of your precious ones.
    PS I'm glad you got that gorgeous picture downloaded.

  5. Not good Jodie...on a brighter note your pictures are beautiful and I love the new look blog! x

  6. unfortunately smart phones are one of the hottest items to steal......look after your new one..........I do love mine......great photo

  7. It is a sickening feeling when you finally realise that the item you were hoping was just misplaced, has on fact been stolen. I'm sorry it happened to you but like everyone else that picture is gorgeous.

  8. It is a sickening feeling when you finally realise that the item you were hoping was just misplaced, has on fact been stolen. I'm sorry it happened to you but like everyone else that picture is gorgeous.

  9. Somedays you just sit and wonder where all this anger and hatred comes from.....because I'm telling you now...a happy person doesn't steal from others.
    I'm sorry this happened to you - it's a rude shock!

  10. Sadly there are people around that do that sort of thing and it makes me angry too. I once had someone come into my house while we were home and take my handbag which had both mine and hubbys phones and wallets in it, quite scary actually.
    It would be worse now because these smart phones have so much more information on them then the old phones did and I would hate to have mine stolen.

  11. So sorry that happened to you! There really are some not-so-pleasant people around. I really love your photo :-)

  12. Jodie,
    How frustrating for you. Here in the states it happens all the time and I just don't understand it. I hope your replacement gets to you soon and thanks for reminding me to keep track of my own as well...P.S. Love the pic you used as your blog header.

  13. This is a horrible story Jode! So sad your phone got stolen! I know you loved it!!
    On a happier note - the picture you managed to save is just gorgeous of you and the girls!! I love it as your new blog banner!
    Hope you are all doing well
    Ellie xo

  14. Oh that is terrible Jodie, nearly as bad as having your handbag stolen whilst in the city with your baby which happened to me 10 years ago and made me feel sick to my stomach. Thankfully they found it later on and only money had been taken. I do hope that someone finds your phone with the SIM card still in it so you can have your photos back. I love your header on your blog too!

  15. I don't know how one person can steal from another. How do they square with their conscience? Sadly stealing seems all to common. We have had intermittent thefts at work and it is horrible, very unsettling.

  16. Okay, first off I can understand completely your panic and horror that your phone was not merely misplaced, but indeed stolen. I had my wallet (French clutch purse) stolen years ago right out of my purse in my very own kitchen. It contained id cards one was my immigration (green) card because at the time I was still an alien and not an American citizen. That card had a photo of me when I was admitted to the USA and almost 3 years old, it was precious to me in more than one way. I had a driver's license and other banking cards, a credit card too. Later after questioning my little girls, searching my car, driveway, and my purse a million times I called the sheriff and told him I thought my neighbor's son (who was out hiding in the field back of my house that day) had come in and stolen my belonging, but was told that since I did not witness him doing so they would not come and do anything. I spent time calling Immigration and the bank, the DMV for the driver's license. I was a total wreck. It was never found, so I know the thief. Jodie, if your item was a phone they should be able to track it down when calls are made. There is an id number on all phones and it can be detected when calls are made because it will register the phone on the towers where it pings to make calls. This is how they can detect when someone claims to be in one town and is truly in another especially when a time line is being established during a crime like a murder. Check into it Jodie. This thief should not go unpunished. Having something personal like this is like being violated. It takes a long time to simmer down from being fearful. Besides it would creep me out that someone was "watching" so that they could even get close enough to steal. I just thank God that it was just a phone and not one of your precious children that was taken. Yes, I agree, KEEP YOUR VALUABLES CLOSE!!!!!
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  17. I know how you feel. I now live in a small country town where we leave our cars unlocked and the motor could still be running, and you know it will still be there when you go back to it, I find it hard when I go out of town and have to remember to lock my car when I leave it.

  18. Gosh that is so sad. I just can't understand why people steal , would never enter my mind to do so. Thank goodness you have this photo, its gorgeous!


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