Friday, February 3, 2012

Another Liesl....

This week, in between School lessons, I've been putting the finishing touches on another Liesl cardigan....
Liesl 1
I simply love this pattern!!!! For some reason it just seems to fly off the needles and no matter how many times I make it, each and every time is a pleasure.... For this Liesl version I've gone with a capped sleeve and wide neck opening. I made the size 42' even though I am only a 38' - I wanted a lot of give this time round'!! I used 7mm needles and my yarn of choice is a DK weight - sorry but the brand is a secret for now... All I can say is that I'm very excited to now be stocking this gorgeous Australian yarn in my Shop and as soon as I open back up I'll tell you all about it.....

Yes that's right - I've had the doors of Jellywares closed for the past 5 weeks through the heat of Summer. This has given me just the right amount of time to do a little Spring cleaning while I take a well earned break spending time with my family... As most of you know I school my Connie girl from the farm and this year we have moved our schoolroom to the heart of the house to make it a little more interactive. Next week we are away on a School Camp and as soon as we return things should be back to normal... I'll be returning to my Shop in Cobar town for Friday and Saturday, while Monday to Thursday will be School on the farm... 

So here's hoping you've had a fantastic start to the first School Term for 2012 with your little ones - we've been reading lots of 'Pamela Allen' books and enjoying many an old fashioned nursery rhyme....



  1. this looks so pretty!!!!
    Good luck in the school year!!!

  2. Lovely Jodie...sending you good school vibes :)

  3. Looks Great Jodie... and a great photo of the two of you :)

  4. Missing you jodes!! Are you back this week or next at work? Rory at pschool on Fridays, so I will be down to the shop to play! Need some inspiration...Caz W

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