Saturday, June 16, 2012

Girl-y Day Out....

Country Races are a great excuse to chuck on a frock, pretty yourself up and head to town for a catch up. These pictures were taken last month when we headed into Cobar for the Annual Picnic Race Meet...
race 1
We enjoy these days so much and I can't remember the last time the girls and I missed a day out at the Cobar Races. We are usually lucky enough to have DH by our sides to enjoy the fun, but not this year....
race 2
Mustering was priority so we left the 'men' at home and headed in for a nice girl-y day out....
race 3
It was just gorgeous - a day filled to the brim, but next year we sure do hope DH can come along too!!!!!


  1. What a fun day out. Great pics too.

  2. Your photos capture the feeling of country races perfectly Jodie, looks like fun x

  3. Beautiful pictures of what looks like a great day out. They have made me a little's been a while since I've ben to country races.


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