Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Way Too Many!!!

I've slowly been working on a few yarn-y projects of late to gift.....
taiyo 3
I made this little crochet type bolero
taiyo 1
and this open vest using just 1 ball of Noro Taiyo...
taiyo 2
The bolero I 'made-up' and the open vest is a freebie from here, I simply omitted the sleeves, they only get in the way of newborns anyway - right??!!

With this being our last week of Term 2 for school here on the farm (wow - where has that half a year gone???) I can safely say that this will be my last batch of play-dough for a good couple of weeks.... 
We love this stuff and use it ALL OF THE TIME in the schoolroom - especially with Maths...
The recipe I use is pretty simply - 2 parts flour to 1 part salt, add a couple of generous tablespoons of oil and colouring then pour in boiling hot water and stir (if I'm feeling creative I'll add a bit of glitter to the flour mix too - the girls love that). The mixture seems really gloop-y at the start but after a couple of minutes of kneading on the bench top it all comes together - you don't want it too dry, trust me.
We're also very excited to welcome yet another kitten into our ever expanding 'tribe'....
kitten 1
I know, I have WAY TOO MANY CATS!!!!
kitten 2
But, I just can't help myself - I love their company and they're great for keeping the snakes away in the hotter months by eating the mice and frogs up for us. And you know what??? They don't touch the gorgeous birds that I have living quite happily in my garden either...


  1. Lovely knitting warm and cute! Your playdough looks perfect, I might have to give your recipe a try. Happy holidays, I agree where did half a year go? x

  2. Yes the year is flying by isnt it. Love your knits, very pretty. Your cats all look the same with their coloring. We have 3 cats, who all love to catch the mice across the road at the creek. Hopefully we wont have any snakes though.

  3. Absolutely LOVE the little top! So cute! I know exactly what you mean about the cats...I have many fond childhood memories that involve a cat. Right now we have one (Max) and I couldn't do without him. Almost brought a kitten home the other night... we will see!

  4. There's never too many cats! I have 4 - one from a pet shop, 2 sisters I hand raised after their wildcat mother abandoned them in the chook yard, and another gorgeous one I hand raised who was born to a wildcat in the hay shed (the mother was then killed by a snake, so I hand raised the 4 babies and re-housed the other 3). They're so loyal and comforting to have around the house!

  5. Very Nice Jodie.


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