Thursday, September 20, 2012

In My Garden.....

I've been spending a lot of time in the garden these past couple of weeks and the rewards have been endless....
Seeds are popping up everywhere....
seeds 1 seeds 2 seeds 3
Winter produce is still being harvested.....
veg 1 veg 2 veg 3 veg 4
The heirloom grapevines that I took 30 cuttings from a couple of weeks ago are now shooting - yippee!!!! I would love to have grapevines all of the way around my veranda, one day....
prop 1
I was lucky enough to be gifted 8 different varieties of 'old fashioned' scented roses from the Hansen family about a month ago in the form of 50+ cuttings and can't help but smile every time I walk down this path as I watch them all slowly but surly start to shoot now that the weather is warming up....
prop 2
My next propagating task is to tackle this big Rosemary bush - I have visions of a Rosemary hedge lining a dull side of my garden that really needs a face-lift come next year...
prop 3
And lastly, I'm amazed daily as more and more of these gorgeous Iris's pop up all over my garden... These bulbs were a gift from an amazing gardener nearly 5yrs ago - WOW!!! Her name is Karen and she is a dear friend of mine. On her dry old bush block, where 15 yrs ago there was not a plant in sight, she has created a gorgeous garden that I envy each and every time I visit...
Is there something in your garden that you were gifted??? Do you like to propagate??


  1. Love it your garden! You really capture the feel of a 'bush' garden in your photos. Spring has sprung! I love the idea of a cool, grapevine wrapped area too...I have just planted 4, but not propagated by me, store bought. Plants as gifts are very special, I have many. I also have some lovely seeds :)

  2. Hi's been awhile. It's so funny as you're gardens are just awakening while we're putting ours to sleep for the Winter but not quite yet. I can probably still get some spinach and kale and arugula planted.
    You would be so proud of me! I am on Ravelry as Saminar and I have knitted a bath mat and dish towels and clothes and of course scarves and I am on my first sock! Ta Da!
    You started it all for me in the knitting and getting back to crochet as your things are so gorgeous and I love everything you make! You rose bushes are great! They are pricey here so I need to learn to propogate those. I can't wait to see them bloom this Summer for you but won't it be nice for me to see your blooms in the middle of my Winter! LOL! TTYL!

  3. I just found your blog via Jane from The Shady Baker who I know from Broken Hill. Now I have two country gardens to drool over! Your seedlings look wonderful!

  4. I was gifted with a couple of Easter egg seeds and will plant them this next spring. It is suppose to grow to be a bush and the flowering parts are like eggs, just decorative mind you, they can not be eatin' as far as I know. It is hard for me to wrap the thought around my head that your winter is like our summer. It is fall here and leaves are turning and chilly nights are unpon us, brrrrrr!
    Susanne :)

  5. Rosemary is pretty easy to propogate from cuttings in a glass of water on the windowsill.
    You have been busy in the garden- you'll have a good harvest to show for your work now.

  6. What a beautiful garden. We have a few plants in our apartment, but thats about it. I think DH dreams about a big day.


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