Monday, May 13, 2013

Winter Knits....

color affection
I'm totally loving that the temps are slowly starting to drop, means that I can finally start to wear the knits I've been working on over the warmer months.
 Back in November of last year I had the pleasure of knitting a design by the very talented Veera Valamaki - Color Affection. I simply love this pattern and during the final days of my pregnancy with Tobie it made for the perfect knitting project - simple,m but not too much so that I got board.... It had just the right amount interesting techniques to keep me knitting happily all the way to the end..... I'm now itching to make a Color Affection in some Autumn shades..... What do you think?? 20130510_144231 (pop on over to my Facebook page to grab this yarn at a special price.......)
This was my first attempt at composing a blogpost using a Samsung Tablet... So much trickery than I thought it would be... :( Would love to hear if you blog from a Tablet and how you do it...


  1. Those yarns are just beautiful Jodie. I love the scarf, you look positively radiant in it! I'm currently working on an unfinished tea leaves for myself from last year. After that I look forward to making a shawl, cowl or scarf for myself. Should be fun checking out the patterns :)

  2. I loved knitting color affection by Veera, it's such a wonderfully simply pattern, but with beautiful results. Yours is lovely. x

  3. That is a gorgeous scarf, great idea! Lovely wool too!

  4. Hi there,

    It's been a long time. I love this pattern too. Is the wool in your shop the right ply for it. I notice the pattern says 4 ply. Is that what's in the photo?
    Lotsa love

  5. Should have paid more attention. Worked out the wool, and have made my order. Please tell me those colours look nice together! Can't wait.

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