Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I love it now that the temps have dropped, things seem to slow down around here as we snuggle into our handknits and enjoy each others company - knitting and stitching and baking and playing and enjoying regular bonfire's and camp oven dinners... 
Thankfully the days still have just enough Sunshine in them to lure us out of our toasty wood fired home, to play (and work), even if only for a little while...
river 2 river 1 
Smores are by far my girls afternoon tea of choice these days as we slowly work our way round the farm burning through the piles of old limbs we've been stacking through Autumn... 
smores 1 smores 2 
If you've been searching for a little hand knitted warmth for yourself then be sure to pop on over to my Facebook page as I'm having a Give-away of the hand-knitted kind...
shawl 2 
It's for this shawl which was made as a display for my Shop and now it's up for grabs - be sure to pop on over and have a look, you just never know your luck...
shawl 1


  1. It is lovely to see you and your family Jodie! I agree, winter does slow life down. Isn't is wonderful to get out and about with the kids without fear of sunburn, dehydration and snakebite? That is how I look at it anyway! Stay warm and enjoy! x

  2. Your kids are th cutest :-) I don't love winter, but I do love being able to snuggle up inside. Though nothing beats sitting outside in the winter sun.

  3. I love winter too and the fact that I'm drawn to wool and yarn...love the winter sun too. Your shawl looks lovely, but alas no Facebook for me.

  4. So lovely to see you and your growing family all wrapped up for the winter in handknits!

  5. You and your little chicks all bundled up in knitted warmth is a picture to behold! We are having steamy hot days and warm evenings as summer is underway here in the State of Ohio. I suppose it sounds crazy, but fall and winter are beginning to be my favorite seasons. Love the shawl you are giving away. I will have to check out your offer if it isn't too late. That baby, Toby! He sure is growing!
    Susanne ♥

  6. Gorgeous photos Jodie. The kids are certainly growing up fast :)


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