Sunday, August 18, 2013

This Week....

I'm lucky enough to be able to eat straight from the paddock where I live and this week saw us cutting up a couple of lambs to feed our family, and friends, for the next up and coming month...
meat 1 
DH is by no means a butcher but he sure does do a great job cutting up and preparing meat for his family... 
meat 2 
Sunday in my home is 'baking' day... Every Sunday I like to fill up the cookies barrels to last us the week and this week I pulled out some old faithful recipes that always seem to please... Fairy biscuits,
bake 1 
Monte Carlos - not even the littlest member of our family can resist these... 
bake 2 bake 3
and chunky chocolate cakes... Yum!!!
bake 4 
This week has also seen the girls and I planting seeds, excitedly awaiting what our most productive growing season of the year has to offer... 
And although this little Miss was feeling under the weather today I couldn't help but take a few snaps of her in this cardigan...
millie 1 
I made it for her back at the start of Winter and can safely say that it has been a much loved addition to her Winter wardrobe... 
millie 2 
She wears it all of the time and it's the perfect shape for keeping her chest and back warm without too much 'bulk'......
millie 3 
The pattern is 'Liesl' by Ysolda and for the version that my Millie is wearing I only used 1 skein of Malabrigo Rios - I know, awesome - right!!! I made the smallest size without sleeves and used 5mm needles...
rios 2
Other projects I've been working on this week include this table cloth. I'm using a gorgeous cotton/wool blend, now to sew in all 176 ends - WOW!!!!
granny 1 granny 2 
And with my eldest girl turning 7 in only a couple of weeks I've also been hooking away at a ripple blanket for her...  I love this pattern!!! For this version I'm using Cascade Pacific 12ply (acrylic/superwash blend) and a 6mm hook...
blanket 3
And because everybody needs to have a little fun every now and then, last weekend saw us attend the Louth Picnic Races... I can't believe the only picture I took for the whole day was of the fashions on the field...
What have you been up to this week???


  1. Monte carlos are my absolute favourite and yours look divine Jodie! I recently got some meat from my family and it is so nice to know exactly where it has come from. The fact that it is home makes it taste all the better I think :)

  2. Those are some yummy looking biscuits!

  3. You just reminded me that I was going to do some baking today and completely forgot. Might have to wait till my day off on Wed as its back to school in the am!

  4. Hello Jodie, what a lovely winter post from your part of the outback. Home killed meat is hard to beat isn't it? Great photo of your bandsaw in action!

    Your biscuits look amazing, especially the monte carlos. I bet they are popular with your children. Happy spring seed raising! That little cardigan is perfect. I love it.

    Louth looks like a great day out...I have heard so much about it over the years. Have a great week x

  5. She is gorgeous in her cardi! Yummy baking!

  6. Hope your little one gets to feeling better. She looks darling in her little cardi. It looks perfect on her. Your little man knows a good cookie when he sees one, lol. I have never had lamb chops, imagine that!
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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