Monday, September 16, 2013

Catching Up....

I've had a whirl wind of a month with medical issues but today, as I sit at my computer and type this post, I'm happy to report that I'm finally on the mend...

So, after a trip away to Sydney last week for health reasons I was delighted to return home and after collecting our mail from the week I was super excited to have a delicious parcel from Jane at 'Scarsdale' Station waiting for me... 

Jane is such an amazing woman who wears so many hats - she's a wife, a mother, a teacher, a gardener, a farmer, a cook and the list goes on... A true inspiration of a woman, and one that I am lucky enough to call my friend thanks to the blogging community... In the parcel which she so generously sent me was some of her delectable muesli....  
This stuff is DELICIOUS!!!! I'm sitting here eating a big bowl full of it with a splash of yoghurt as I type this post - YUMMO! Thanks Jane!!!!!

Before I headed off to Sydney I got the chance to snap a few picks of what's been happening round my veggie garden to share with you all... First of all, the seeds I planted in my previous post are up - pictured below; lettuce, tomato, carrot...
garden 1 
Another crop of beetroot is almost ready to harvest - a mixture of both 'golden' and 'bulls blood' have been planted this year... 
garden 2
We love pickled and roasted beets in this house and to keep my family fed with fresh beets throughout the Spring and Summer months I've decided to try succession planting this year. I currently have 5 different plantings of beets on the go, all of which are planted from seed 10 days apart. I have plans for another 5 plantings before the season in over - fingers crossed...
garden 3
I have also been striking some more heirloom grapes from cuttings - this lot are just starting to shoot. I'm still trying to cover the entire outside of my veranda (all the way around my house) with grape vines...
garden 4
My sage bush is going strong and I'm currently on the hunt for ways to use and preserve this deliciously scented herb - oil? cheese? soap? vinegar?
garden 5
A bush which I've grown quite fond of over the 5 years that its been growing in my garden is this 'curry' plant... It has an amazing aroma, identical to a curry paste/powder hence the name. I've been told that I can use it in cooking and I do but not as curry as it's flavour is nothing like it - to me anyway... I use it with thyme and rosemary and a little garlic and fry it with vegetables and it's delicious!!! Have you ever cooked with this herb before???
garden 6
Another thing that's present in my garden over the Spring months is potty lambs....
lamb 1
My Millie is such an animal lover and has taken to raising this potty, Maxi, quite well...
lamb 2
Nothing quite says Spring like a newborn baby lamb - don't you think?? :)

It's raining here at the moment so I can't wait to get back out in my garden this week to snap some more pictures to share... What are you growing?? 


  1. Hi are very kind. You know you are doing all those roles too...and you have more children than me! So lovely to have you as a blog friend, I hope we can meet properly one of these days.

    Your beetroot and seedlings look so healthy. Your grapes sound beautiful on the verandah. I am trying to get some to grow from cuttings too, but they are very slow. I am wondering if they will do anything at all!?

    Look at those cute lambs, I can imagine they are in very safe hands with your children caring for them! x

  2. hope there are no more worries for you medically wise........the vegie patch is looking good there.........hope you got some rain..........

  3. Glad to hear you're on the mend! Book me in for a visit soon. Its been way too long and I need to share cake with you and the kids. If Brad's good he might get some too! Kx.

  4. Hi...hope you're on the mend...I tried to call you today for a catch up, left a message :) just read your post and have realised why I haven't seen you in me if you're in on Friday? xo Suze.

  5. Medical issues cause such stress and worry, i'm glad they are sorted now.
    Jane is such a lovely, thoughtful soul.
    I'm hoping to have the succession planting thing happening this season too. It is hard though remembering to pop in new seeds every few weeks. x

  6. I hope you are okay and on the mend! Did you close your shop in town? I'm trying to play catch up again with you. Love the crochet you're doing! Is that wool cotton blend for your tablecloth washable? I still get confused about yarns and which ones will shrink or can't be washed. I'm pretty practical and although I would love to use natural fibers for everything sometimes it's too pricey and/or not easy to care for. I do love the beautiful yarns that are out there though and want to try that Malibrigo as everything you make from it is gorgeous! I am a bread maker too and never buy it in the store. The muesili from your friend looks yummy. I'll have to see if I can make some. Is that like granola?
    The girls are getting so big and I love the fairy gardens and your little guy is growing too! I just made a little bunny blanket buddy for one of my grandsons and I'm starting to work on Christmas presents and crocheting some little pumpkins. Your cookies look so good. Did you include the recipes? I'll have to go check. We're winding down here from Summer and heading into Fall so the temps are such that now I can go outside and get some maintenance work done. Summers here are too hot for me to be out much in it. What a wonderful family and life you have! TTYL!


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