Monday, December 2, 2013

Garden Share Collective : : December

I'm joining in with the 'Garden Share Collective' again....

Things have been pretty tough here on the farm this month as we continue to get dryer and dryer. We still haven't had any rain and combined with hot winds I find myself using more and more precious water in my garden than I normally would at this time of year which means my water stores are starting to get low.

Although inside my yard there is green grass and a lush(ish) vegetable garden, out in the paddocks it's dry and dusty - really dusty...

Here's what I've been up to this month in my vegetable garden;

Coloured Chard
Propagated Grape Vines

Numerous Fresh Herbs

More Mini-Muncher Cucumbers
More Basil
More Rocket
More Lettuce

Stake new tomato bed.
Transplant Carrots

Things To Note

Seed Swapping
Thanks to the gorgeous Emma Crameri swapping some spaghetti squash seeds with me last month - they have been planted in my garden and I am watching them daily, excited to try this new vegetable for the first time with my family...

I currently have some basil seeds to share - saved from 2013.
I am looking for some heirloom cucumber seeds to plant in my garden this month.

Email me at if you'd like some basil seeds - or if you have some cucumber seeds that you'd like to share with me.

pictured below : : new tomato tee-pees
garden share 4 
pictured below : : black zucchini almost ready
garden share 1 
pictured below : : green zucchini bush 
garden share 2 
pictured below : : corn setting fruit
garden share 3 
pictured below : : a couple of this months cucumber harvest - 2kg's picked so far
garden 4 
pictured below : : some of the many beets we've harvested this month..
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  1. That is the test of a TRUE gardener - one who is still able to have such an amazing looking garden in such adverse conditions. May be those soaking, not so severe summer storms will be there soon to replenish water supplies. I planted some rocket seeds the other day and will need to do some thinning soon as they all seem to have germinated!!
    Christine Roberts

    1. Thanks Christine - that means a lot to me at the moment... I am crossing my fingers for so Summer storms...

      I love Rocket - awesome that all your seeds germinated... It can sometimes be hit or miss when it comes to planting tiny little seeds...

      Take Care :)

  2. We are building on our 20 acre block early next year, although I have limited gardening knowledge I am super excited to establish a veggie patch, orchard, and build a chook pen. The idea of using our own home grown produce, and learning to make preserves etc is very exciting.
    I have just stumbled across your blog today - I will definatley be back.
    Thank you so much for sharing ideas/patterns and recipes with us.
    I am both inspired and amazed by the everyday accomplishments seen here.
    Best wishes
    Deb Tollis

    1. Your new adventure on your 20 acre block sounds simply dreamy Deb!!!

      Thanks for popping by and taking the time to leave me a comment... :)

  3. Your garden could be my garden Jodie...if you know what I mean. Brave little green plants being keep alive by a lifeline of precious water, surrounded by red dirt and hot wind. Love your photos. Rain this week might be on the horizon I hope x

    1. So true Jane - are conditions are so similar aren't they... :)

      I hope you got some rain last night, unfortunately we missed out this time - again...

  4. Sorry to hear you haven't had rain. We are finally getting some and it seems we might just have to get used to a lower average rainfall. Last summer I was ready to throw in the towel.
    I still have your address so I can pop a few cucumber seeds in the post for you this afternoon.

    1. You're right Tracy - I think a lower annual rainfall is the norm these days, unfortunately...

      I would love some cucumber seeds - thank you... xx

  5. Hope you get rain soon, its hard to decide what to keep alive when water starts to run low. Your patch is looking healthy for all your efforts. I may have some lebanese cucumber seeds from last year still - will take a look for you.

    1. Thanks Lizzie! I am 'survival' planning at the moment - deciding which plants may need to be culled in the next week or 2 if there's no rain on the horizon.

      Some of your cucumber seeds would be great!!! Thanks...

  6. everything looks so healthy Jodie.......

    1. Thanks Donna - I'm putting in a lot of effort, hopefully it pays off and we get some rain soon... xx

  7. Willing to swap some Lebanese cucumber seeds for some of your basil seeds :-)
    Garden is looking great, even without the rain!

    1. AWESOME!!! Can you please email me your address and I'll post some out to you this Friday when I'm next in town... :)

  8. As usual I am behind and I just wanted to comment on the picture of Toby's first birthday. How precious is that photo of his face and the sparklers on his cake. Is there anything more endearing than the face of a child who has discovered something new. The rabbits were a perfect gift and I agree, it isn't all about presents, it is about family spending time together and just being there for one another.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

    1. Thanks Susanne... You're right, there really is nothing more endearing than the look on a young childs face when they discover something magical for the first time...

      Thanks for popping by.... :)


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