Saturday, January 18, 2014

in this hot weather.....

we've been waking up early, just as the sun comes up, so we can spend as much time as possible outside. 
Early morning 'snap' with my kids - upside down and all! 
We love sitting on my old couch out on the front verandah just simply 'watching'... I've enjoyed working my way through a super special gift over the past couple of weeks 
Getting in some early morning 'hooking' --- cats and all... :) Last ball --- YAY!!!!! 
And am super excited that it is finished and now gifted to its new home... YAY!!!
Wrapped and ready for gifting... :) 
Nothing is quite as refreshing as fresh fruit for smoko on a hot Summers day and we've been enjoying plenty of it - especially these little passion fruit-y treasures..
We're enjoying fresh picked fruit again for smoko this morning --- passionfruit and some of the tiniest apricots I think I've ever seen! Passion-fruit fresh from the vine for 'smoko' this morning... Y U M 
Juiced and popped in to the freezer we're also enjoying fresh fruit ice blocks almost everyday as a way to escape the heat....
enjoying some homemade iceblocks on this gorgeous Summer afternoon --- and yes my feet really are that discustingly DIRTY! 
When the temps drop, late in the afternoon, but it's still too hot to eat dinner I've been baking this - 'Cheese Dip'... OMG, it's amazing!!!! It's goo-y and cheese-y and herb-y and perfect with a crisp cracker and a glass of red, how could I resist - right??! Not exactly what you'd expect to be eating on a Summers day but I just can't help myself - it's that amazing!!!
This is seriously DELICIOUS!!!  Baked cheese dip --- want the recipe? 
And while I whip up a cheese-y baked treat my littlest girl has been busily learning how to make cakes ALL BY HERSELF!!!! - it's kinda her thing at the moment, cup cakes and big cakes and icing and all...
Making a cake with my littlest girl - just perfect! 
And while my littlest girl makes cakes my biggest girl is crafting away at something too - her very own craft-y venture that we launched on my Facebook page last night, super exciting!!!!
Super excited for my girl and her new craty venture --- 'Connie's Creations'...... 
What Summer evening would be complete without a bit of musical fun with the family before the sun goes down,
Bit of musical fun before the sun goes down tonight... 
it gives this mumma a chance to hook away on a little something for herself - a new cushion cover in some vintage hues using gorgeous organic cotton...
Last row before I make a start on the back of my cushion --- YAY! 
And to finish things off - I popped this little package in to the post for a special lady this week. 
Little package on its way to someone special --- I love 'swaps'!
I joined in with Jewel's Australia Day swap and it has been loads of fun!!!


  1. Gosh the weather has been crazy hot and it's so dry too.
    You've been making the most of your time though with all that beautiful crafting and baking.
    I love how your little cats always manage to sneak into photos.

  2. What a full post of goodness Jodie! I have been 'away' for a while, so have just wizzed through some of your older posts. Tobie - 1, what? that was quick. I think you need to open a farm stay. The authentic life you appear to be living is so beautiful, and the cooking! I love the look of the grilled zucchini with the herbs and parmesan. mmmmmm. Jane x

  3. I wish you could send me some of your knitting skills...I just frogged 2 items and so I poured a glass of wine and came over to visit. LOL! They weren't too far along but I get mad at myself when I mess up. Do you ever have to start over? Your knitting and crocheting always looks so perfect and wonderful. I love the gift you made...lucky person and the cushion cover.
    It was nice here today 60 F but so windy you couldn't enjoy it. We have so many trees here that you'd get hit by a flying branch or twig if you went out.
    The children have all grown this must be that heat. Your girls are SO talented! The cake looks wonderful and so do those buttons....amazing talent , like their Mom.
    I could use some of that hot cheese spread right about would go great with my wine. Post a recipe when you get time, please. I hope things cools off for you soon. Take care.

  4. I would love the recipe for that cheese dip please! It looks delicious x

  5. Gorgeous photos, I love the colours in your cushion cover. Hopefully the weather is more forgiving this week, I'm over the 43 degree days!

  6. What pretty pictures! Your kids look so happy! Enjoy the summer. Your blanket looks lovely.
    It's freezing here in Boise, Idaho USA so we are staying in and I have spent the day so far with baking. Bread, German Pretzels, and lemon cake. Not sure who will eat all of that but it sure makes the house smell good.

  7. Well, the 40+degree heat has hit SE Qld again and we are "enjoying" a very hot and dry summer also. Hopefully some gentle summer storms are on their way. Our mango tree is full of fruit at the moment so have just picked them all before the parrots raid them. So, think of homemade icecream with mango puree - yummy!!!! The boys and I have been enjoying them daily!

  8. Love the saying on that little card you attached to the gift. The cheesy dip looks delish! Will you be sharing the recipe????? Everything looks wonderful in your corner of the world, lazy hazy days of summer sound wonderful while we are freezing in Ohio, the arctic cold is invading us and staying warm is top priority. I love those little dirty faces and hands, children whose job it is to play and just be kids. Can life be any happier that that.......I miss those days when my kids were covered in dirt and their sweat made little tracks down the sides of their faces ♥
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  9. Nice way to spend a hot day Jodes, am very envious of all your beautiful trees!
    Am missing you, will have to catch up soon.
    Caz W xo


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