Monday, February 3, 2014

a great start to the New Year....

That crochet cushion that I was working on in my last post is now finished....
Front and back of my cushion almost ready to sew together - YAY!!! 
With all those squares it only meant 1 thing --- loads of ends!!! (pattern pictured - from the book Molly Makes Crochet)
Pattern for the cushion I made and all the ends I had to sew in.... 
Now that it's finished I love it and so does my Connie - so just like that it's hers!!
F I N I S H E D ! :) 
There have been loads of button orders making their way to new homes over the past couple of weeks - my girl is loving it!!! There's nothing quite like packaging something up and popping it in the post for someone special...
My Connie girl has been working hard on her button packs all week!!! #buttons 
I've been pulling these old and worn boots on almost every night since the 'New Year' --- taking time to breath a little at the end of my days, enjoying some much needed down-time/exercise!
IThese boots are old and worn but they're also the most comfy walkin' shoes! - especially out here on the farm..... 
In the early morning I sneak in some knitting time and the New Year has seen me start a project which I'm extremely excited about... Ysolda's first ever KAL --- 'follow your arrow', it's addictive and interesting and everything that I was looking for (and needing) in a knitting project. Clue #4 is released tonight and I just can't wait to see where the mystery takes me next!
Some early morning knitting outside in my 'nighty' before we start back at school for 2014.... #followyourarrowkal #ysoldakal #knitting 
In between KAL clues I've managed to finally join some squares that have been in my WIP basket for way too long...
Feels good to be putting the finishing touches on this project today - these squares have been in my project basket for way too long.... They're now ready to felt! 
After a quick 'hot' wash in the machine they are now felted and ready for sewing together when the urge hits again.
Felted and ready for sewing..... 
I love that my biggest girl loves to craft and this week was super excited to see her starting a very special project for a birthday later in the year - granny squares are kinda her thing at the moment!! 
My girl is now making a pillow too.... 
And lastly, a 'night snap' of my girl and her new pillow just before she snuggles in to bed for the night --- good night... xxBedtime ~ my girl loves her new pillows...... #crochet


  1. Ooohhh I reeeeeeally love the colors of the cushion!! Soooo beautiful!!! congats!!
    Hugs from Argentina!!!

  2. I would really like to make seat cushions for my kitchen chairs. I just have to decide on colors yet.

  3. Love the cushions and the self colour squares.

  4. The cushion looks so nice. I have to say those knitted dolls are so cute too, did you make them? I have been seeing quite a few people knitting on the Follow Your Arrow shawl and they all look so different but very pretty. Connie is so clever doing granny squares, I can never remember how to do them.


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