Saturday, February 8, 2014

Seasonal Yarn Club.....

This morning while the kids played at the back step I set about my usual 'week ending' activities.... Mowing the lawn is one of them and as I laboured at this task I couldn't help but feel just a little saddened --- you see, I have a beautiful garden which I work very (VERY) hard at. But, a beautiful garden needs water, right!!? Well, we haven't had any substantial rain here on the farm for well over 12 months and the water supply that I use for my garden is all but exhausted - DH estimates approx 2 weeks left of watering and that's it!  
Playing by the back step.... Kids + Lego = hours of fun!!!! 
My house water situation isn't much better - probably 3 weeks left if I'm really careful!

So, to escape my reality, just a little, I pack up my kids and put on some nice clothes and we all head to town for the day on Fridays. I walk through the shops and go to the library and eat 'out' somewhere nice and visit 'whoever' and do the running around that needs to be done for the farm and it's just lovely! 
Up nice and early, packed and ready to leave --- it's town day today!!! YAY! 
And I forget that we've been pushing scrub for hungry stock for way too long, and that my vegetable garden is almost non-existent because the constant run of 40'C+ days has all but fried everything, and that the damns are drying up, and that my rainwater tanks are near empty, and that the dust storm that came through last night has left a haze on almost every flat surface in my home, and I just breathe!!! And when I get home I'm better!!!

And I love that I live where I live, drought and all!!! I love that I have a husband who is strong and loving and when all looks grey and overcast but there's still no rain in sight, he pulls on his boots and takes us for a fly....

We've had this plane for well over 10 years now and she's definitely something we couldn't live without. She might not get up in the sky every day and sometimes even months pass without us looking at her. But, when we do go up in her, kids and all, it's just perfect!!
Takin' the old girl out for a run this arvo....   p.s... sign-ups for my YARN CLUB have started over here; for those who are keen!!! 
In the still of the morning, usually before the Suns had a chance to rise, I've been busily working away at 3 special projects --- a pink scarf for my Millie, a mystery KAL for me and some notes for a new 'idea' I've been playing around with....
Working on 3 things at once this morning - a scarf, a shawl, and some 'notes'..... #followyourarrowkal #ysoldakal 
A couple of days ago I launched a 'Seasonal Yarn Club' over on my Facebook page... The response has been amazing and with a few spots left I thought I'd share it with my blogging friends as well.
club 4
If you're on Facebook you can check it out here. Otherwise these are the details, copied for Facebook...

I'm launching something NEW and EXCITING here at Jellywares --- A Seasonal YARN CLUB!!!!!

My 1st 'YARN CLUB' will be for the Autumn Season and here's what's involved: for each of the 3 months of Autumn I'll be putting together a package unique to its month. Each package will contain a pattern/yarn combo specifically selected to represent what Autumn means to me.

By joining this CLUB you are signing-up to receive 3 individual packages; 1 in March, 1 in April, and 1 in May. Each package will contain yarn of the highest quality, a pattern to match, and a special "treat" (exclusive to CLUB members ONLY!). All packages will be posted via registered postage on the 1st Tuesday of each month.

THE COST TO JOIN MY AUTUMN YARN CLUB IS $74.95 (this price includes registered postage for all 3 packages).
To join simply email me ( and I'll put you on the 'list'. Sign-ups close on the 21st of February and places are limited!!

note : : packages will be tailor-made for both KNITTING and CROCHET, please state your preferred technique when emailing.


  1. Hey Jodie..........I do hope you strike a fall in that time..................I cut back watering 1/2 my garden before christmas...........water rations are on so it's pretty sad seeing it all dying or just about dying............I have some bore water when it is extra..............trying not to use the dam water as it is watering stock which when it comes down to it is more important to us then my garden.................

    glad you were able to escape to town for the day..............

  2. Hi Jodie. Great post, life is looking very much the same here...unrelenting heat, no rain, dropping water supplies and a melting, dead vegetable garden. Sigh. On the upside we go to town on Fridays too and I see friends, have coffee and wear proper clothes. Thank goodness for strong husbands (who can fly!) and kids with plenty of character.

    I love your crafty projects! I hope the school year has kicked off smoothly. Take care x

  3. I find it hard to even imagine how hot it must be with you as the only thing we have here right now is pretty constant rain. In fact we're more likely to suffer from wet rot than anything else. Miserable as it is I think I probably cope better in the cool than the hot as I'd be cowering under the bed praying for some respite from such prolonged heat. Hope you get some rain and less intense heat soon, just enough to top up the water reserves and make it more comfortable.

    Being able to fly around looks fabulous and love how engaged the children of different ages are with the lego

  4. Lovely post and lovely blog! you would get a good view of how dry it is in your surrounding area and community in your plane. My heart goes out to you the farmers of our great lands, having no rain is heart breaking and all you can do is to carrying on and do the best you can with what you have.

  5. We are the same here - dry as anything and no end in sight!! So sad to see things dying off in the garden - at least we have town water though!


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