Oh What a Day....

I have been absolutely flat out today! My nephews party was great fun. He really loved his train cake, and so did everyone else. Boy does it take some time to decorate a cake like that, I'm lucky that I baked the cakes last night, it took me 2.5 hours to decorate it this morning.

I ended up crocheting him a couple of finger puppets last night to go with his present. When he opened the apple one and I showed him how the worm worked, (you put your finger through the bottom of the apple and the worm pokes out), he nearly cried.... Not quite the reaction I was hoping for, but I'm sure that they'll grow on him, they're so cute.

Why is it so much easier to be down on ourselves than to celebrate the good stuff? I have decided that every day for the next 30 days I am going to list 1 tip a day on how to be a happier you!!!!
Todays tip is #1 - If you feel like chocolate, buy the best you can afford and share it with someone... Savour every mouthful...


  1. Hey Jode,
    Great tip especially if its dark chocolate which has the added benefits of plenty of antioxidents.

    I love ur new header its really u very brown and country.

    The cake looked fab. Very Thomas. I was thinking of u and the massive job that cake would have been today.

    I cant believe jordy cried when he saw the worm...too cute....You have to give me the pattern and the one for the finger puppets.....

    I think I really bumped ur web counter up today as I kept peeking at ur blog to get a sneak peek at the cake.

    I am sooooo loving my blog I am really into it....lol....can u tell....I have added a poppy bob countdown so u will have to show him next week....plus he can see the pix too.....can u do that for me??

    what do u think about jesse's stuff....on our blog??

    Hope everything is OK there?? You are doing a fantastic job with ur blog and what an amazing mum you are to my precious neice AND I can imagine that u would be jordy's favourite aunty what a fantastic gift your love is.

    keep checking my blog cause I am full on ito it and i will keep checking yours...you have really inspired me once again....WOW

    luv Abby

  2. Hey jojo,
    love love LOVE the new logo...its rocks
    luv Abby

  3. Thanks heaps!!! It took me forever to figure out how to do it.. I was up til midnight last night doing it...


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