Knitting Craze

I woke up really early this morning and for the life of me could'nt get back to sleep. So up i got at 5:30am and decided to start my day...

I have a bit of a knitting bug at the moment and just can't seem to put my 4.0ml needles down... Last night I finished this pinafore style dress for my little princess. I didn't really follow the pattern stitch for stitch, but regardless of that it still looks quite cute. If I was to make the pattern again I would change the arm holes, they just don't seem to be sitting quite right...

This morning I decided to start a pair of booties in matching wool to go with the dress.... I am knitting them out of 8ply instead of 4ply and using 4.0ml needles instead of 3.25ml, I'll let you know how they turn out.


  1. HAPPY little princess...MOM will knit what she wants:)Happy days:)


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