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Good afternoon everybody.....

I have finished the booties that I started yesterday and they look fantastic. The pattern said newborn but because I used 8ply wool and 4.oml needles they knitted into a size 2.The size is perfect, my little princess currently has a size 1-2 foot, so therefore she has a little bit of room for growth.
I'm going to start some finger puppets for some children that I know tonight. I have already finished a frog and want to do a chook, cow, pig, dog and maybe goat!!! If they turn out o.k I am thinking of giving some of them to my nephew as part of his birthday present. I'll sew up a little bag to put them in. They are just a great idea for mums to carry around in their bag. They can pull them out when they are in a place where they need to keep the kids quite, like the doctor's surgery, it keeps them amused and stops them from climbing all over everything..... Sometimes.
When I get the courage up I really would love to start these gorgeous fingerless gloves(http://knitty.com/ISSUEsummer06/PATTfetching.html). My sister got me on to the website, they have so many free patterns, it's great... I have never done cables before but my mum told me that they are really easy.... So maybe this is a project to start Sunday night. I have some really nice wool in rich chocolate brown that I have been dying to use and this may just be the project for it.....


  1. Hey there,
    Wow how proud am I of my little sister and her fantastic new blog..... mayb I will be brave enough (and find the time) to start one myself...mmmmmm....gotta watch out for the internet bandits though....lol

    I absolutely love love LOVE my neice in her new pinafore wow....makes me wish for a girl....one day...hehehe

    Was thinking on the way to work that if I stayed up later I could get some stuff done....u are soooo inspirational..... fingers crossed for me huh...

    good luck with the cake and I hope u all have a fantastic party.... give plenty of kisses and hugs from his long distance aunty....

    Once again..WOW I am soooo very proud....great work....

    ps....good luck with the cable the only thing u might finda bit tricky is knitting in the round and doing cables at the smae time with such a small circle.....but I believe in u.....goodluck and call me if u need talking through it....

  2. WOW!!! My first official comment, How exciting. Thanks for the advice with the gloves... I'll let you know how I get on.

    Love JoJo

  3. Oh, wow - your new blog!
    How exciting...

    I will be an avid reader, you are so creative, you'll have so much to write about...

    Can't wait to read more

  4. How perfect are those booties - just gorgeous :-)

  5. Thanks for your feed back Jacqui! They were just soo easy! If you want the pattern let me know!!

  6. Thanks for the offer Jodie but I'm a terrible knitter, I can't even knit a square without losing (or gaining) a few stitches!


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