Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lost in Translation

A big hello goes out there to everyone in blog land. OMG!!!! It feels like I've been away for an eternity! My busy little world was turned upside down about a month ago by some unfortunate events, but I'm happy to report now that I'm finally getting back on track.

I have a bunch of things to share with everyone!!! For starters my little princess turned 1 on the 3rd of September. Here's the before and after pics of her b'day cake. It was supposed to be a Caterpillar..... Can you tell?

She's wearing the gorgeous little dress that Granny (my mum) made, especially for her 1st b'day party, too sweet!

I also became the proud owner of a brand new Janome Memory Craft 6600 at the start of this month. I can't tell you enough just how amazing this machine is!!!!! It quilts, embroideres, and so much more. It has so many buttons on it that I'm a bit scared to touch it. I'm slowly reading through the instruction book learning all about the different stitches as I go. My first project that I want to sew with my new Janome is the doll quilt for the four seasons quilt swap. I've cut it all out, all that's left to do is sew it up.

Speaking of this particular swap..... I received my doll quilt on Friday last week and have been meaning to come back to blog land to brag about it. It was made by the very talented Julia and I just LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I'll post a pic of it later on this afternoon after I've taken a photo of it so you can see her work but if you want to see a pic of it before then just pop by her blog. She has about half a dozen pics of it posted here. The colours that she used are just amazing and her quilting was so original, I've never seen anything like it!!!!

I have loads more to tell you but I think that this post is getting a bit long winded. So until next time.......


  1. welcome back jojo...
    we have missed u....
    We loved the cake it was awesome... wasnt it funny how all the littlies were fascinated by the head hehe....
    can't wait to see ur four seasons swap... I luv Julia's quilt also she is so talented....
    can't wait to
    luv u

  2. hi, so glad to see you back. Great cake !

  3. hi, so glad to see you back. Great cake !

  4. Nice to see you back, you have been missed.
    Happy Belated Birthday to your lovely little girl in her beautiful party dress. The catapillar looks great, yes it looks like a catapillar, I could tell.
    No wonder we haven't heard from you when you have that nice new toy!!
    Hopefully we will see some projects soon.

  5. Wow Happy 1st Birthday to your gorgeous daughter and doesn't she look like you from the flashback photo. I LOVE the cake - too much fun and it looks exactly like a caterpiller!

  6. oh phew! i've never sent anything to australia before. so glad it arrived. thanks for your kinds words. above all, i do hope you like the little quilt. cheers!

  7. What a sweetheart!

    I have been wondering about you and hoping all was well in your world...glad to see your back.

    The cake looks awesome!

  8. Hi Ab,
    don't start on the head! LOL!!
    I tried to think up something new for this swap but it was so hard with it being Autumn, browns and golds etc.... These colours I love and use all of the time.

    Hi Jodie,
    Thanks!!! The kids really loved it too.

    Hi Fiona,
    I loved the party dress too. I was a bit worried about the colour red on a red head but it really looked gorgeous on her.


  9. Hi Louise,
    Do you really think that she looks like me???? If so... that makes my day!!!! Everybody thinks that she's a dead ringer of her dad and I don't even get a look in.

    Hi Hooli,
    It was a bit scary when I sent my first doll quilt overseas too. I kept thinking that it must of got lost as it took forever to get to its destination. Once again.... You did an amazing job on your little quilt!!!

    Hi Alaina,
    Thanks for hanging in there and popping back by to visit me after my month long absense from the world of blogging. I love your new profile picture, very sweet.



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