Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Birthday Boy

O.K..... Drum roll please...........................Here it is.......
A bottle/jar quilt, did you guess? I know some of you did (lol). I've always wanted to do this style of quilt but thought that it would be way too hard. Boy was I wrong, it was soooo easy. I added some little felt type yoyo's and buttons to give a bit more of a textured look.

Here it is all wrapped up and on its way to Wyatt's house this morning.....
Here's the birthday boy really giving it the once over before his cousin (my little princess) jumped in to help suss it out.....
and here's a bit of pressy sharing..... Ohhhhh, how sweet!!!
Happy Birthday Little Handsome Man.... I hope you are having a fantastic day.


  1. Jodie, I love it!! And it looks like he does too. A lovely gift to give and one that will no doubt be treasured!

  2. on first glance the buttons looked like snails that had escaped from the jar!love it well done..

  3. we love it jojo....
    thanx for making wyatts days so very special.... and a big thank you to our little princess too....
    luv Abby (& wyatt)

  4. Wow ! That looks so complicated. I love it !

  5. Hi Louise,
    I hope so.... I always love home made heart felt gifts and I'm sure that my sister does also.

    Hi Fiona,
    What a wonderfully imaginative mind you have.... I hope he can see those little snails too.

    Hi Ab,
    It was our pleasure!!!


  6. Hi Jodie,
    Like I said... It wasn't, it was sooo easy. You should give it a go.


  7. jodie
    what cute quilt.
    a few years back I found the jar quilt pattern but never made it.
    Maybe I should since my 4 year old daughter loves everything that a little boy does. hehe
    oh BTW I updated my blog. hehe

  8. great quilt for a baby........Happy Birthday and I hope you are not melting out that way cause it is hot here.......have a wonderful day....


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