Four Season Quilt Swap

Yesterday afternoon while DH watched the NRL footy semi-final I got a chance to finish my Four Season Doll Quilt for the Swap.I think it looks more like Summer than Autumn but what the heck!!!!! I used my new machine for this little project and let me tell you now..... It was like driving a BMW and comparing it to a Volvo (my old machine being the Volvo, sorry old girl). It was amazing!!!!!!
I even got a chance to use the machines embroidery function and did up my own little label. I've done a bit of picture editing to white/black out my name but other than that I think that it looks pretty professional!!! What do you think? Next time I'm going to try the blanket stitch on my machine to see how that turns out, I've heard that it's really good.

Oh well.... I'm now off to finish my nephews quilt..... Happy sewing everyone!!


  1. Jodie it's lovely!! Well done for finishing, I am still plodding on with mine....

  2. Unbelievable - Oh it makes me want a new machine....

  3. Beautiful. Just. Beautiful!

  4. This quilt looks even better in person jojo.... I am so impressed with your quilting and your new machine...
    can't wait to see my boy 1st birthday quilt we are very excited.
    luv Ab

  5. Thanks Louise!! I saw a sneak peak of your quilt on the Four Seasons Flickr group.... It looks amazing! Can't wait to see the finished product.

    Hi Jodie,
    Tell me about it, I just love, love, love it!!!!

    Thanks Heaps Sara....


  6. Hi Ab,
    I think it does too. Only one more sleep to go until the little man's b'day!

    Love JoJo


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