Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!!!!

Every year I like to bake all family and friends that live close by something delicious..... This year I made up a nice big batch of Choc-Mint Slice... I made all of the deliveries on Thursday afternoon with the little princess and let me tell you now.... It was a HUGE HIT!!!

I packaged the grown-ups treats in some little cellophane bags (you can buy them in packs of 12 from spotlight, they cost around $2 per pack) and then wrapped them in some gorgeous polka dot scrap-booking card stock (I also bought this from spotlight, it was 50cents a sheet and 1 sheet made 3 packages).
I cut a little window in the shape of a bunny out of the card stock to give it an Easter feel, put a couple of whole punches at the top, threaded a ribbon through and attached a label.... Too easy!!! This idea would work really well for any occasion, just change the shape of the cut out to match...For the little kiddly-winks I wrapped their treats up with some yellow cellophane and tied a big bow of raffia around the top.... Super easy and super cute....Here's the recipe for the slice....
Choc-Mint Slice
250grams sweet biscuits, crushed
1 - 2 mint crisp chocolate bars, chopped
1 x 300ml tin of sweetened condensed milk
150-200grams of good quality chocolate like Cadbury's, melted.
hundreds and thousands for the top if you like...
combine biscuits, sweetened condensed milk and mint crisp bars in a large bowl and stir with a metal dessert spoon until well combined...
press into a 5cm deep slice tin (there is no need to grease the tin but you could line it with tin foil, this makes it easy to remove the slice once it has set) and allow to set in the fridge for an hour...
Pour melted chocolate over the top of the slice (this is where you would be adding the hundreds and thousands if you were wanting to use them) and allow to set at room temperature, this makes it easier to cut...
Once the chocolate has set cut the slice up and store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week.
The beauty about this slice is that you can add what ever you like to the biscuit mixture. If you don't like mint crisps or can't buy them any where you could add some honeycomb or smarties instead, what ever treat takes your fancy....

On the home renovation front.... We finally finished gutting the bathroom and boy-o-boy was it a BIG job... We didn't get a chance to head over to Orange to buy our bathroom supplies so have planned to make the trip this coming weekend, fingers crossed nothing pops up before hand.

I had such a lovely Easter long weekend with DH and the little princess. I hope that everybody else had a wonderful Easter break with their family too.... :)


  1. what a cute idea, love the scrapbooking paper wrapping!thanks for the recipe, cant wait to make it!hope you got some of the rain thats going around!

  2. What a great idea, you go to so much trouble. Wish I lived closer.
    May have to copy that recipes for later.....
    thanks for sharing......

  3. Yum Yum Yum, love the packaging too!

  4. The packaging looks fab, I'd love to get some choc mint slice! You should be really proud. Thanks for the birthday wishes - I'm a baker's daughter so that definitely helps! ;p

  5. wow how professional is that? gorgeous.


  6. What a brillian idea! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Yummy! I wish I lived closer so that you could give me some ;) hehehe!


  8. What are you taking about ... man I can't keep up with you! Everything just looks fantastic and tooooooo yummy! :)

  9. This is an adorable idea! And it sounds like it is yummy to eat as well!

  10. Yummo(as our Kindy teacher ,Mrs Rountree would say)
    I DO not like going without a bathroom,it was a marathon putting ours in,Hubby cut a hole the size of the door into the outside wall,fancy a bath with builders plastic for a curtain.....give the neighbours a thrill..

  11. Mmmmmmmmm, clever & yummy Mummy!
    I read "...before something poops..." although when it's the bathroom it's the same difference right?
    Happy Autumn to ya! Xxx

  12. What lucky lucky friends you have. You have presented those goodies so beautifully. Thanks for sharing the idea. I also followed your advice and idea with the lables and have now got some of my own saying Flowergarden. Thanks.

  13. What gorgeous treats. Love the packaging. Im sitting here salivating over the mint slice but have just gone back onto weight watchers so will have to wait a few more months before I try that one out!

  14. what a great idea for gifts, they look lovely!

  15. How cute is that!!I am totally doing that next year.
    love it

  16. Sarah is looking forward to making that recipe! I love the packaging - it really sets it off. Do you have a die cut shap cutter or did you cut the bunnies by hand? Glad to hear the your bathroom renovations are on track - have fun choosing the supplies! Lisa

  17. I love this idea! I might have to do it myself! the cut out's are darn cute! I love the recipe too! sounds good!

  18. Lovely blog. Will definately have to try that recipe.

  19. I would love to receive one of those, they look fantastic and sound delicious!

  20. Great idea - love the rabbit cut out. That recipe looks really yummy!

  21. Those are absolutely darling. Bunny is so sweet. You are too good! Where are you finding the time! : )

  22. katef - www.picklebums.comMarch 28, 2008 at 3:53 PM

    oh this recipe sounds delish and what a clever idea for wrapping!
    Can't believe I haven't found your blog before - I am so enjoying reading it!

  23. oh they look sooo yummy what a lovely idea the packaging is looks great

  24. I love your wrapping it looks cute and effective. I made your slice recipe today it worked out really well except it could be deeper I didn't use the right tin! Sarah


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