Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sneak Peak....

I took my little princess over to Dubbo last Friday (the 7th) to see The Wiggles in Concert. OMG... It was sensational!!!! It was an hour of action pact fun, lots of dancing, singing and interaction with the crowd... The little princess just loved it!!!! (she's the little groover with the green/blue number on) At only $20 a ticket it was well worth it. I've never been to a children's concert before and after this one I'll definitely be going to more in the future....
I got a chance to finish the wash cloths for my younger sister's b'day pressy that I mentioned in the last post. Here's a sneak peak.....I'll post some better pics after the 28th (that's her b'day). I'll even try and find the link to the patterns for anyone that's interested... I used the most divine yarn to knit them, it was an acrylic cotton blend, 55% acrylic and 45% cotton. I just bought it from Spotlight and the brand is Yarn Bee...

Everything on the farm front is going full steam ahead..... DH and I started working up some country that we are wanting to sew down to wheat this year. These are the views out the front (first pic) and back windows of the tractor..... Pretty dusty hey???? We've worked up about 600 acres so far, that leaves about 1400 acres to go....
On the homestead renovation front.... We're gutting the bathroom this week if everything goes according to plan, than hopefully the builders can/will commence with building the new one the following week.... I'm heading over to Orange on the long week end to pick out my vanity, tiles and bath.... Now the hard decisions begin.... LOL :)


  1. Jodie , I can see lots of hard work ahead of you , but also lots of fun with the renovations. Keep us posted.

  2. I just loved doing the concert scene with the kids. They really do love it ... although poor Josh has missed out a bit. The wash cloths look great - I was wondering what you were going to create - I on the other hand would have pulled out some chux for my sister - yours is very lucky. The land looks so dry. Have fun with the bathroom - you have some exciting times ahead of you.

  3. Looks like fun,Im Sooo envious! Hope you get some rain to help with the crop!

  4. I love yarn bee yarn - it's really cheap at spotlight at the moment, and it knits up well.

    It does look really dusty where you are!

  5. nice to see a fellow central-westerner in crafty blogland.

  6. The Wiggles Concert looks like lots of fun. I took my son to see them in 1995 (before they hit the bit time!)It is great to see all the kids faces light up when they see their idols. Your washcloths turned out really well - I will have to check out Yarn Bee (love the colours). Good luck with the renovations - hope you aren't without a bathroom for too long. Lisa

  7. Nice to see you can fit in some sewing time in amongst the farm work. Don't suppose you can do anything in the tractor?

  8. Oh Jodie - you must have dust everywhere humanly possible (and then probably some more)

    Glad that you were able to take a break and get to the wiggles and cant wait to see what you decide on for your vanity!

  9. that is a fantastic gift.

    i come from a family of farmers and renovators-- so exciting and so much hard work!!

  10. Don't envy you the Reno, but the end results are always good! That is a lot of dirt to work up...a nice autumn break would be good!
    I do envy you the Wiggles, I have been to a few and i just sit and smile at Anthony-he is chocolate!Have a good day, Tracey

  11. wow..... you sure have been busy. Luv the washcloths....great colours.

  12. how exciting to be working on your new home! it must be so nice - and if i remember rightly, your husband is returning to farming which must be great for him.
    love the wash cloths. i haven't been knitting for while now - i find it far too hot for knitting, but we are getting a cool change tomorrow so perhaps i can get my needles out again......

  13. good luck with the renovations! sounds like your life is going to be crazy for awhile. :)

  14. The Wiggles are great, aren't they? Love that they've kept their down to earth Aussie despite their many millions of $$$ earned over the years... We saw them in Sydney just before Xmas.

    Also, love your little washcloths - handmade gifts are the best!

  15. Yep the wiggles are ace and your daughter looks like she's really enjoying them. I have to say I think your pretty gutsy with what your taking on. I dont envy the dust but I do envy the reno!
    Happy Easter

  16. Wow you are sooooooo busy!
    I can't wait to take the girls to see The Wiggles. Only 100 days to go & we will be home! Xxx

  17. Jodie
    you are brave renovating... We have been renovating for too long, um, 17 years.. house is all but finished.. one room to go, the LAUNDRY!
    I also see years of Wiggles, Hi5, and lordy knows what else for the future!
    The kids loved going but boy, when you are singing 'fruit salad yummy yummy' as an adult whilst shopping its not cool..

    Hey where did you find that soap?? would be a good giftie for overseas friends!

    take care

    PS thanks for visiting my blog...
    PPS I can't get over how dry it is out there..

  18. That is some disc.

    Beautiful present.


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